10 questions for…. Soesoe Mustafa

10 questions for…. Soesoe Mustafa

Soesoe Mustafa was very surprised when she won the Miss Indian Beauty the Netherlands pageant.
Stefan of Miss Holland Now was one of the judges and was not so surprised as she was shining all the time and made the judges even laugh.
Very unusual was her talent, as many of the girls were dancing she was playing the panflute.
One week after the finals she was already in traveling to Mumbai for the international Miss India Worldwide pageant where she impressed the other contestants like she did in the Netherlands. At both pageant she won the Miss Congeniality award.

How did she prepare, how did do and who is Soesoe…?

We asked her 10 questions….


Who is Soesoe Mustafa?
Soesoe Mustafa is a 26 year old young woman who is super enthusiastic and lives her life spontaneously. Everything in her life that is negative she turns into something positive.

What made you decide to enter the pageant and how was it to compete?
I was scouted on the street when they asked me to participate and i thought it was a lovely idea. I am 26 so it is my last year to participate, so why not? It was a wonderful experience, I was very down to earth en I loved to help the girls and to help them prepare themselves for the finals and to help them to conquer the negativity around them.

Why do you think the judges chose you to be the winner of the pageant?
I think because the judges saw that I really had fun on the stage, I enjoyed every moment so I stood strong on the stage and I kept the questions close to myself so I could answer them well and my english was a bit stronger than the other girls.


How was is to win Miss Congeniality both at the national and at the international pageant? What does that say about you?
It’s for me really something super great because it’s the only title that’s  choosing by the girls and we were 24/7 with eachother so they know me better than the jury. It’s  a honor to win this title both nationally and internationally . And what it says about me is that I’m not fake hihih and wherever I am I always be myself . I’m an honest and sincere person who enjoys life and is always cheerful and spontaneous. That is what the girls there also saw and experienced. What’s super funny is that the girls here called me mama soesoe, and you never guessed what they called me there hihihihih mama soesoe too.

You had a very original talent. What can you tell us about it and why did you choose this act?
I played the panflute for 6 years and when I heard there was a talent competition I immediately knew that I would do that. I wanted to be unique and I knew that al lot of girls would dance and I wanted to show something different.


What do you need to work on before you left for Mumbay?
I had to work on my english. I can speak english very well but when I am nervous I sometimes can’t find the words.

When you were in the US, you designed your own clothes line the SF. What can you tell us about it are you still designing?
The SF stands for: The Same forever, what means always stay close to your self, don’t change, keep your purpose in mind and don’t let go of it. I design less now because I am busy with my studies. I am in my last year of law studies and it takes a lot of time. My clothing is for young people, between 16 and 30. I also design bridal dresses on request.

What was most memorable about the international pageant, besides winning Miss Congeniality?
The most memorable moment for me was when we went with all the girls to a church and a temple in Mumbai, we were actually supposed to go to a mosque too but we didn’t had the time anymore. And although I am a Muslim I went inside both places. Everybody was abit shock because I went inside. I told them that i see these places also as a holly place because it the house of god, I love my religion and I respect all others.


What did you tell the other contestants about the indian community in the Netherlands?
It is a very close community so you easily feel part of a family. Lots of warmth and love.

Your motto is: “Complexity and endurance is what makes me a phenomena”, how do you live your live by this motto, and what can we learn from it.
My complexity makes me who I am. My endurance is so strong that it makes me big. By combining those two, you get something unique and that’s who I am.
I want to express that not everything in life goes the way you want it to but be strong and keep on going and you may be a difficult person, but always be true to people because than they know what they may expect. Especially to yourself. Honestly is the best policy.

We would like to thank Soesoe for taking the time and wish her all the best of luck in the future.
We would also like to thank the organization of Miss Indian Beauty the Netherland and wish them all the best in the future…

photocredits: HESI


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