MHN50: Top 10

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MHN50: Top 10

So here they are, the top 10 of the public vote of the MHN50. As you can see Soesoe Mustafa, Miss Indian Beauty of The Netherlands2015 has won this by far.
The top 5 of the public vote will automatically be in the MHN50. The jury will decide the ranking of these 5.

Who is Soesoe Mustafa?

Soesoe participated in Miss India Holland 2007.
She was crowned Miss Indian Beauty the Netherlands 2015 and represented the Netherlands in Miss India Worldwide 2015. In both pageants she won the Miss Congeniality award. She is also a fashion designer. 

The top 10 with their points:

1. Soesoe Mustafa, Miss Indian Beauty the Netherlands 2015 (629 points)
2.Kimberley IJsbrandij, Miss Beauty of Flevoland 2015 (302 points)
3. Nanny Nielen, Miss Holland 1976 (255 points)
4. Nathalie Mogbelzada, Miss Tourism Queen International 2015 winner (250 points)
5. Margaretha de Jong, Miss Beauty of The Netherlands 2018 (221 points)

6. Lindsay Grace Pronk, Miss Universe Netherlands 2004 (169 points)
7. Kimberley Xhofleer, Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 (124 points)
8. Nina Chloe Savanet, Miss East Africa 2017 (119 points)
9. Kyra Meisen, Miss Grand Sea World 2018 winner (113 points)
10. Claudia Nzeba, Miss Africa Netherlands 2016 (97 points)

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