12 Months of Beauty 2014

At the 12 Months of Beauty pageant 2014 the representatives for  Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International ar chosen. Because Miss Supranational 2014 was cancelled, Robin and Stefan of 12 Months of Beauty asked Leena to be Miss Earth Netherlands 2015.

IMG_4251Miss Supranational Netherlands 2014 & Miss Earth Netherlands 2015:

  • Leena Asarfi (Miss Supranational 2014 got cancelled, Miss Earth 2015 (gold medal best national costume, silver medal Best snowman, bronze medal Miss Friendship and top 15 talent))


Miss Grand Netherlands 2014:

  • Francis Everduim (Miss Grand International 2014)



  • Zoë Niewold
  • Demy van der Heide
  • Joyce Jansen
  • Lorena Fintina
  • Sammy Jo Manbodh
  • Savannah Reyme
  • Francis -9457a webCharlee Berbicks



Miss Congeniality: Sammy Jo Manbodh
Miss Photogenic: Zoë Niewold
Miss Media: Francis Everduim
Topmodel: Danydsha Nooitmeer

(pictures: Leena and Francis)



Leena at Miss Earth

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Francis at Miss Grand International

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