Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2015

Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2015

Miss Beauty of the Netherlands is formerly known as Queen of the Benelux. From 2015 the pageant focusses only on the Netherlands with beauties from all the 12 provincies and also teens from all the 12 provincies.
The two main titles to can be won are: Miss Beauty of the Netherlands and Miss Teen of the Netherlands. The winners and the runner-ups from both categories will represent the Netherlands at several international pageants.

PA041985Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2015:

1: Kanita Karisik (Miss Supranational 2015)

2: Rachel van der Meulen (Miss International 2015)
3: Noëlle Turubusa (Miss United Continents 2016)


  • Ashley Gajadin
  • Elize Joanne de Jong (Miss Europe and SF Miss International 2019)


  • Zoë Niewold (Miss Europe at Miss International 2018, Miss 12 Months of Beauty 2014)
  • Kimberlij IJsbrandij (As Miss Benelux 1st runner-up Princess of the World, top 10 Miss Tourism Queen International 2016, Top 10 Miss Tourism International 2016, 4th RU Miss Cosmopolitan 2018)
  • Carolien Eefting
  • Tina Senn van Basel
  • Emily van Zitteren
  • Sharon Oostendorp
  • Deborah van Hemert (Winner Miss Earth Netherlands 2016, Miss Earth 2016)


Rachel, Miss International Netherlands 2015

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Miss Teen of the Netherlands 2015

PA0419531: Melissa Scherpen (Miss Teenager Earth at Miss Global Teen 2016, Miss Tourism International 2015, Miss Europe at Miss International 2016)

2: Nathalie Mogbelzada (Winner Miss Tourism Queen International 2015, Miss International 2017, SF Miss Supranational 2019, SF Miss Grand Netherlands 2021)
3: Kim Soesbergen (Winner Miss Beauty of Noord Brabant 2021, 1st Ru Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2021)


  • Thirza Kregmeijer
  • Ashley Oomen


  • Natascha Fischer ( Top 12 Miss 12 Months of Beauty 2020)
  • Lianna Jellema
  • Merita Smrkovic
  • Kyra Meisen (winner Miss Grand Sea World 2018)
  • Lynn Broekhuis
  • Lena Martien
  • Liza de Koning

Melissa, Miss International Netherlands 2016

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Nathalie, Miss Tourism Queen International 2015

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Kimberly IJsbrandij


  • Miss Bikini: Lynn Broekhuis
  • Miss Photogenic: Lynn Broekhuis
  • Miss Popularity: Ashley Gajadin
  • Miss Organic Tan: Deborah van Hemert
  • Miss Sports: Sharon Oostendorp
  • Miss Charity: Noëlle Turubusa
  • Miss Teen Popularity: Lena Martien
  • Face of Scenecs: Ashley Gajadin

Rachel van der Meulen replaced Shireen Kobus, who gave up the crown of Miss Beauty of Overijssel due to personal reasons

Photo’s Rachel: Ed Jachimowicz Photography
Photo’s Nathalie: Miss Tourism International
Photo’s Final: Robin@12monthsofbeauty