Miss Earth Netherlands 2009

Sabrina Anijs


1: Sabrina Anijs (Miss Earth 2009)

2: Analda Winkel (Miss Tourism Queen International Netherlands 2007)
3: Eva van Binsbergen (Miss Leisure the Netherlands 2008)


  • Kim Brouwer
  • Marlinda Mariman
  • Kimberly van der Terp
  • Inger de Jonge
  • Sharifa Kalaykhan (Miss Earth NL 2008)
  • Rashiva Lieuw
  • Marlies Staarink
  • Fleur Holzer


Miss Photogenic: Marlinda Mariman

Miss Beauty for a Cause: Eva van Binsbergen

Miss Internet by Miss Holland Now:

1: Fleur Holzer
2: Kim Brouwer
3: Sabrina Anijs

Miss Earth Netherlands 2008 and 2009 were chosen at the Miss BeNeLux pageant. Here is the report from Miss Holland Now on the Miss BeNeLux finals of 2009.

Dutch Rules Miss Benelux 2009

When the swirling show was at the end it was Dutch Sabrina Anijs who had won the Miss BeNeLux crown. She was so happy when she heard her name being called out as the overall winner. During the evening she saw already two titles being snatched away from her. The first one was that of Miss Friendship. She was in the final three together with Manuela Saboko and Kim Brouwer for that award. The Belgian Manuela was called out being the most friendly chosen by the other contestants. The second one was the award for Miss Beauty for a cause. There were only Dutch girls nominated for that award. Sabrina did not win as didn’t Rashiva Lieuw. It was Eva van Binsbergen who did get the crown and the sash wich belonged to the second most important title of the evening.
There was also the award for Miss Photogenic won by Marlinda Mariman also from the Netherlands.
During the whole show it was not clear who would win the Miss BeNeLux Netherlands 2009 title. There were several girls who could win. All the girls showed great improvement and were shining and smiling like stars on the great stage of the Casino Kursaal in Oostende Belgium.
SONY DSCBefore the announcement of the three winners there were 4 runner-ups being called out. Belgian Selina Zakeriesen and Debby Gommeren were chosen as 4rth and 2nd runner-up. Eva van Binsbergen, who was also being in the miss photogenic top 3 won the 3rd runner-up award. Miss Tourism Queen Netherlands 2007 Analda Winkel won the 1rst runner-up award.
After this announcement it was even more exciting who would win Miss Netherlands BeNeLux 2009. Still there were some candidates for this title. After Theodora Banica had heard her name being called out as the new Miss BeNeLux Luxemburg, it was time for the new Miss BeNeLux Netherlands. The audience was turbulent just before Stephanie Moreel named Sabrina Anijs as the new Miss BeNeLux Netherlands. Melanie de Laat hugged her successor for almost a minute and crowned her. The new Miss BeNeLux Belgium became Isabel van Hoof.
From these three the Miss BeNeLux 2009 had to be chosen. Who would it be?
Miss BeNeLux 2009 is………Sabrina Anijs!
The crowd went crazy! Flashlights everywhere. Sabrina got the crown from Barbara van den Bussche, Miss BeNeLux 2008. Sabrina won because of her natural looks and down to earth attitude. And just look at those great eyes!!

The top 3:

Sabrina2 Analda1 evashottttt 007