Miss Grand Netherlands 2017

Miss Grand Netherlands 2017

1: Kelly van den Dungen (Miss World Netherlands 2016, 2nd runner-up Miss Nederland 2016, SF Miss Grand International 2017, SF Miss Supranational 2018)

2: Bente Vrieling (Miss World Netherlands 2017)
3: Laura Ghobrial (Winner Miss Eco Netherlands 2016, SF Miss Eco International, Miss World Netherlands 2017)


  • Ingrid de Boer (F. Queen of the Benelux 2013, Miss United Continents)
  • Melissa Oeges
  • Christina Lazaros (Miss Greece in Miss Eco International 2016, Miss Eco Netherlands 2016, 2nd runner-up Miss World Netherlands 2016, winner Miss Intercontinental Groningen 2017, F. Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2017)
  • Jeanine de Vries (winner Supermodel Netherlands 2017, top 10 Supermodel International 2017)


sick on the finals: Robin Engels


Miss Grand Photo: Kelly van de Dungen

Miss Grand Model: Melissa Oeges

Miss Grand International 2017

Kelly was one of the big favorites to win the Miss Grand 2017 pageant. So there was at first a bid of disappointment when she just missed the top 10. But after a while everybody was very satisfied with this great achievement.