Miss Grand Netherlands 2017

Miss Grand Netherlands 2017

1: Kelly van den Dungen (Miss World Netherlands 2016, 2nd runner-up Miss Nederland 2016, SF Miss Grand International 2017, SF Miss Supranational 2018)

2: Bente Vrieling (Miss World Netherlands 2017)
3: Laura Ghobrial (Winner Miss Eco Netherlands 2016, SF Miss Eco International, Miss World Netherlands 2017)


  • Ingrid de Boer (F. Queen of the Benelux 2013, Miss United Continents)
  • Melissa Oeges
  • Christina Lazaros (Miss Greece in Miss Eco International 2016, Miss Eco Netherlands 2016, 2nd runner-up Miss World Netherlands 2016, winner Miss Intercontinental Groningen 2017, F. Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2017)
  • Jeanine de Vries (winner Supermodel Netherlands 2017, top 10 Supermodel International 2017)


sick on the finals: Robin Engels


Miss Grand Photo: Kelly van de Dungen

Miss Grand Model: Melissa Oeges

Miss Grand International 2017

Kelly was one of the big favorites to win the Miss Grand 2017 pageant. So there was at first a bid of disappointment when she just missed the top 10. But after a while everybody was very satisfied with this great achievement.

Miss Supranational 2018

After her big succes in Vietnam, Robin and Stefan of 12 Months of Beauty asked Kelly if she wanted to represent The Netherlands at the Miss Supranational pageant in 2018.
She was very honored and like in Vietnam she placed among the semi-finalists. At that time she was just the second girl from The Netherlands to place at the Miss Supranational pageant.