Miss Holland 1930

Rie van der Rest

1fb13839370f8035445fb265f065537e3fc326a3 In 1930 the magazine “Het Leven” organises a second Miss Holland pageant. This time the jury has to give points to each girl from 1 to 10, They look
at how the girls walk, sit, figure and attitude. 
The winner, Emmy Kuster had to be disqualified as she was not honest about her age. The new winner and the second Miss Holland in the Dutch history is therefore Rie van der Rest. Rie was already the winner of some other beauty pageants like “De Bloem” (The Flower), the pageant organized also by “Het Leven”.

1: Elly Kuster (disqualified)

2: Rie van der Rest (Winner Miss Holland 1930 after disqualification winner, Miss Europe 1930, Miss Universe 1930)




The original winner: Emmy Kuster