Miss Holland 1957

Miss Holland 1957

Corine Rotschafer

Corine was just 17 when he won the Miss Holland pageant in 1957. Just a few weeks later she was also crowned as the first Miss Europe from Holland. Because of the duty’s as Miss Europe she was unable to participate at the Miss Universe pageant in 1957. In 1958 she participated in the Miss Universe pageant instead. Funny detail in both Miss Universe program books in 1957 and 1958 she is pictured as miss Holland. As far as we know she is the only girl ever to be shown in two books. 
In 1959 she was asked to represent the Netherlands at the Miss World pageant as Miss Holland 1959, Peggy Erwich, was unable to go to Miss Word pageant because she was busy modeling. Lucky for Corine, she was crowned as the first Miss World from the Netherlands.
Corine was crowned by Ans van Pothoven, who had the honor to be Miss Holland 1956 for a few months as Miss Holland 1956, Rita Schmidt got married in january 1956.

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From left to right: Debbie, Corine and Christina

1: Corine Rotschäfer (Winner Miss Europe 1957, Miss Photogenic & SF Miss Universe 1958, Winner Miss World 1959)

2: Debbie Posno
3: Christina van der Zijp (Miss World 1957)
4: Sonja Tenge
5: Ria Burry

two of the remainders:

  • Winny Keylard
  • A. van der Knaap

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Miss van der Knaap (with number 16) waiting for the judges. And Ria Burry is doing her make-up.

Miss Europe 1957

26 june, Baden-Baden, Germany

1: Miss Holland, Corine Rotschäfer

2: Miss Finland, Marita Lindahl (Winner Miss World 1957)
3: Miss Germany, Gerti Daub (4th runner-up Miss Universe 1957)


Miss World 1959

10 november 1959
Londen, UK

1: Miss Holland, Corine Rotschäfer

2: Miss Peru, Maria Elena Rosell Zapata
3: Miss Israel, Ziva Shomrat