Miss Holland 1959

Peggy Erwich


1: Peggy Erwich (1st Ru Miss Holland 1958, Miss Universe 1959, Miss Benelux 1959)

2: Yvonne Smid and Ansje Schoon (Winner Miss Amsterdam 1960, Winner Miss Holland 1960 & Miss Europe 1960) (There were 2 first runner-ups!!)
3: Petra Paul (4th Ru Miss Europe 1959) (Although 2 first runner-ups, Petra ended officialy as 2nd runner-up)
4: Fransje Meyer
5: Mimi Methorst (went to a pageant in Turkey)


  • Jeanette Peters
  • Ceesje Klein
  • Sonja Tergé
  • Jacqeline van Boom
  • Ida Stuy
  • 5 more….


Miss Benelux 1959

miss beneluxFor the first time there was a Miss Benelux pageant. The countries of the Benelux are: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. All three countries send 3 girls to this pageant which was held in Tilburg (the Netherlands).

For the Netherlands that participated were:

  • Miss Holland 1959, Peggy Erwich
  • Miss Scheveningen 1959, Jeanine Visser
  • Miss Noordwijk, Norma van der Put


Although Peggy was the raining Miss Holland she did no do very well at he pageant, while Jeanine Visser won the pageant and Norma became the 2nd runner-up

Miss Benelux 1959

1: Jeanine Visser (Netherlands)
2: Josée Jaminet (Luxemburg
3: Norma van der Put (Netherlands)

picture from left to right: Norma, Jeanine and José