Miss Holland 1959

Miss Holland 1959

Peggy Erwich

1: Peggy Erwich (1st Ru Miss Holland 1958, Miss Universe 1959, Miss Benelux 1959)

2: Yvonne Smid and Ansje Schoon (Winner Miss Amsterdam 1960, Winner Miss Holland 1960 & Miss Europe 1960) (There were 2 first runner-ups!!)
3: Petra Poul (4th Ru Miss Europe 1959) (Although 2 first runner-ups, Petra ended officially as 2nd runner-up)
4: Fransje Meyer
5: Mimi Methorst (went to a pageant in Turkey)


  • Jeanette Peters
  • Ceesje Klein
  • Sonja Tengé
  • Jacqeline van Boom
  • Ida Stuy
  • Gerrie van Tilburg
  • Hannie Landman
  • Gerda Vels
  • Sonja Overmeer
  • Jeanne Mook

bottom from left: Ansje schoon, Petra Poul, Mimi Methorst and Gerrie van Tilburg. second row from left: Jeanne Peters, Ida Stuy, Ivonne Smit and Ceesje Smit. third row from left: Jacqueline van Boom, Hannie Landman, Fransje Meyer, Gerda Vels and Sonja Overmeer. Top row from left: Peggy Erwich, Jeanne Mook and Sonja Tengé

Miss Universe 1959

Miss Benelux 1959

For the first time there was a Miss Benelux pageant. The countries of the Benelux are: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. All three countries send 3 girls to this pageant which was held in Tilburg (the Netherlands).

For the Netherlands that participated were:

  • 1st ru Miss Holland 1959, Ans Schoon
  • Miss Scheveningen 1959, Jeanine Visser
  • Miss Noordwijk, Norma van der Put


Miss Benelux 1959

1: Jeanine Visser (Netherlands)
2: Josée Jaminet (Luxemburg
3: Norma van der Put (Netherlands)


picture from left to right: Norma, Jeanine and José