Miss Holland 1962

Rina Lodders


Rina was the second girl to be crowned Miss World from the Netherlands. She is one of the most successful beauty queens from our country. In 1964 she married the King of Twist: Chubby Checker. The 2 got 3 children and are still living in the USA.

1: Rina Lodders (Winner Miss Benelux 1962, 3rd Ru Miss Europe 1962, 3rd Ru Miss International 1962, Winner Miss World 1962)

2: Marjan van der Heijden (Miss Universe 1962)
3: Trudi van Sark
4: Roza van der Lee (Miss Rotterdam 1962)
5: Manny Horselenberg


  • Annette Bleeker (Winner Miss Amsterdam 1962)
  • Yvonne Antoinette Varenkamp
  • Marijke Allegro
  • Lien Brans
  • Martine Vos
  • Godelieve Sassen
  • 6 more girls


Rina is Miss World 1962…….