Miss Holland 1965

Anja Schuit


Anja Schuit won the Miss Holland 1965 twice in one day. The Miss Holland 1965 pageant was the setting of the Rudi Carrel show and during the show Anja won the crown but as there was no official jury the pageant had to be redone later that same day in a night club. But the results were the same as during the live tv show. Anja is also the first Miss Holland to be in the top 5 of the Miss Universe pageant. On the picture above from left to right: Elaine Bollen, Anja Schuit and Janny de Knegt

1: Anja Maria Schuit (Miss Europe 1965, 4th Ru Miss Universe 1965, Miss 4th Centenario)

2: Elaine Bollen (SF Miss International 1965, Miss Holland 1967)
3: Janny de Knecht (Miss World 1965)
4: Femke van de Bos
5: Marijke van de Pol


  • Hetty Buist
  • Inga van Lingen
  • Suzanne Wienesse
  • Marie Cemonde
  • Yvonne de Trooie
  • Ans Femhout
  • Renske van der Berg (2nd ru Miss Holland 1964, Miss World 1964, Miss International 1964)


Top 5 of Miss Universe 1965, Anja is second from the left….