Miss Holland 1967

Irene van Campenhout

The Miss Holland pageant was promoted by the largest national newspaper in the Netherlands in 1967. At several pre-pageants girls could get tickets to be a Miss Holland finalist. Irene van Campenhout won the Miss South Holland pageant with in second place Nente van der Vliet, during the national finals this result would be the same.
Nente would be first runner-up at the Miss Holland 1969 pageant again. In that year she would go to the Miss World pageant. It was second 
runner-up Monica van Beelen would go to the Miss World pageant in 1967. 

top31: Irene van Campenhout (1st Ru Miss Europe 1967, SF Miss Universe 1967)

2: Nente van der Vliet (1st ru. Miss Holland 1969, Miss World 1969)
3: Monica van Beelen (Miss World 1967)


  • Marga Eschweilers
  • Dinie de Kant
  • Myrthe Sier
  • Maria Wollerich (Miss Groningen)
  • Jacqueline van Baren (Miss Gelderland)
  • Yvonne Maeyer (Miss Overijssel)
  • Nathalie Marquet (Miss Limburg)
  • Gerda Biemans (Miss Brabant)
  • Catharina van Heusden
  • Anouchka Czifra
  • Yvonne van Rees
  • Irene Vial
  • Hans Baljon
  • Marjon van Loon
  • Iris Meulenbeld
  • Joke Vredenburg
  • Elaine Bollen (Miss Noord Holland 1967, 1st Ru Miss Holland 1965, SF Miss International 1965)

top photo: f.l.t.r: Nente, Irene and Monica


ddd_110590172_mpeg21_p013_image picture2

Irene at the Miss Europe pageant. In national costume and as first runner-up (second from the left)

1967ss 11139756_10206800215312961_1987498825_n Universe1967_Top15ss

Irene at the Miss Universe pageant. On the picture right we see Irene in the top 15 of best in swimsuit. (middle row, second from the left)


Irene is in the top 15 of Miss Universe 1967 (in the middle)

Monica_van_Beelen_1967 world

Monica van Beelen on her way to Miss World and at the Miss World pageant (on the right)