Miss Holland 1968

Miss Holland 1968

Marolein Abbing


Like in 1967 the pageant was promoted by the largest newspaper in the Netherlands. There were no big pre-pageants but all girls were introduced in several of the editions of the newspaper.
After Marjolein had won the Miss Holland crown she went to the (postponed) Miss Europe pageant.  She was a big favorite to win the pageant among the reporters. But in the end she did not make the cut. People say that she was to small.
Rumors say that Marjolein was to young to attend the Miss Universe finals and therefore the 1st runner-up, Nathalie Heyl went to the USA to represent the Netherlands.
In 1970, Marjolein was asked to represent the Netherlands at the Miss International pageant in Japan.
Ada Grootenboer, second runner-up at the Miss Holland 1968 finals, was the first dutch girl to be a Penthouse Pet of the Month of that magazine in 1969. The second one was Miss Holland 1970, Maureen Renzen in 1971.

1: Marjolein Abbing (Miss Europe 1968, Miss International 1970)

2: Nataly Heyl (Miss Universe 1968)
3: Ada Grootenboer (Miss World 1968)
4: Cecile van der Lelie (Miss International 1968)


  • Nanda de Haan
  • Marian Zuydwijk
  • Antoinette Bomas
  • M. de Graaf
  • Angela Cevat
  • Helen Engelkamp
  • Sylvia Bonsel
  • Margo Huter
  • Linde Peters
  • Christa Heyden
  • Carylle S. Bibi
  • M. Rasenberg
  • Norma Witte
  • Maya Broersen


1misshol   1misshol2   1misshol3

From left to right: Marjolein, Nathalie and Ada. This are the pics that were shown to the readers of the Telegraaf to introduce the candidates

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Cecile and the top 3, from left to right: Nathalie, Marjolein and Ada

miss hoolland misseurope

Marjolein at the Miss Europe pageant (Second from the right)

fun missuni68 wainitn

Nataly at the Miss Universe pageant 

alidaaaa w

Ada Grootenboer

ceciel misshollain1968missinternational

Cecile van der Lelie at Miss International

inter70_001kabb naamloos

Marjolein at Miss International 1970