Miss Holland 1969

Welmoed Hollenberg

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Welmoed Hollenberg, herself was probably most surprised when she was crowned Miss Holland 1969. During he rehearsals that afternoon she wasn’t even placed among the finalists but on the big night she convinced the jury that she had to be the winner. One of her prices was beside a car also a winddog (see picture above)
In all the newspapers it was said that Miss Holland 1969 would go to Japan to represent the Netherlands at the Miss International pageant but Welmoed went to the Miss Universe pageant instead.
Nente van der Vliet became again 1st runner-up as she did at the Miss Zuid Holland 1967 pageant and the Miss Holland 1969 pageant. But this time she did go an international pageant: the Miss World 1969 pageant. 

1: Welmoed Hollenberg (Miss Universe 1969)

2: Nente van der Vliet (1st runner-up Miss Holland 1967, Miss World 1969)
3: Olga Westmaas (Miss Europe 1969)
4: Maria Lingen (Miss International 1969)
5: Patricia Hollman (1st Ru Miss Holland 1970, Miss World 1970)

some of the remainders:

  • Mieke Hoogland
  • Martha Smit
  • Georgette Tammeryn
  • Anneke van der Woude (was disqualified because she turned out to be married)



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From left to right: Welmoed, Nente and Olga, during the evening gown competition 

missuniversegrpup     welmoed1

Welmoed at the Miss Universe 1969 pageant, second picture is from the rehearsals

Miss World 1969 Contestants World 1969k

Nente at the Miss World 1969 pageant, in the group she is in the middle and second one is picture from program book

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Olga at the Miss Europe 1969 pageant, she is in the group picture the second from the right

zInt 1969

Maria Lingen at the Miss International 1969 pageant