Miss Holland 1970

Maureen Renzen

swimsuitMaureen Renzen became a glamour model for magazines like: Playboy, Penthouse and Lui. She even worked  a while for Penthouse magazine, touring throughout the USA, promoting the magazine. She also played in some dutch movies in the 70’s.
In the 80’s she started her own modeling agency and she was a judge at many beauty pageants in the Netherlands.

1: Maureen Renzen (Miss Universe 1970, top 10 swimsuit competition)

2: Patricia Hollman (4th Ru Miss Holland 1969, Miss World 1970)
3: Stephanie Flatow (3rd Ru Miss Europe 1970, 2nd Ru Miss Holland 1976, Fin. Miss World 1976, 1st Ru Miss Benelux 1970)
4: Anja Brand


  • Agnes van Puffelen
  • Andrea de Wolf
  • Betty Wijngaarden
  • Carle Eilander
  • Christina Weygers
  • Lucie van der Lely
  • Maria Hoekman
  • Marijke de Boer
  • Mieke Grishaver
  • Petra de Ridder
  • Renate Küller
  • Anja de Graaf



maupro patrpro stepro

Pictures from the program book of Miss Holland 1970 of the top 4.
From left to right: Maureen, Patricia and Stephanie

anjapro        lastscan64646464

Anja Brand and a picture of the host together with the top 4 (from left to right: Stephanie, Maureen, Patrica and Anja)

hol        maureenkroon       mauonway

Maureen just being crowned Miss Holland 1970 and on her way to the Miss Universe pageant.

patriciabook       patriciaworld

Patrica at Miss World program book and group picture of some of the Miss World contestants
(Patricia in group pic, in the middle, second from left is the winner from Grenada)

eur  stephbenelux

Stephanie at Miss Europe 1970 (on the right with the top 5) and at Miss Benelux 1970 (left)


(headshot from top 4 and the top 4 picture of Miss Holland 1970: Thanks to Maureen Renzen)