Miss Holland 1971

Miss Holland 1971

Laura Mulder-Smid


1: Laura Mulder-Smid (Miss Universe 1971 & 4rth Ru Miss Europe 1971, Winner Benelux 1971, Winner Miss Zandvoort 1970)

2: Mieke Grishaver (Miss Young International 1971)
3: Pia Solleveld (would go to Miss World, but didn’t go)
4:Monica Strottman(?) (Miss World 1971, 3th Ru Miss Holland 1972, Miss International 1972)
5: Ans Krupp (?) (Miss International 1971)

some of the remainders:

  • Marga Scheide (2nd Ru Miss Holland 1972, Miss Holland 1973, 2nd Ru Miss Holland 1977, Miss Young International 1972, Sf & winner Miss Elegance Miss Europa 1975)
  • Poppie van Son
  • Lizzy van der Smit
  • Connie Westerdorp
  • Caroline Dielwart


(there were 25 participants)


Laura (left) was 4th runner-up at the Miss Europe pageant.


From left to right: Laura at the Miss Europe pageant and the Miss Universe pageant (2 & 3).

laura4missuniv laure

Monica at Miss World and scan from Miss World program book (3)

monicainter monicaatworldxWorld_1971_book_Holland1

Pia Solleveld, Mieke Grishaver and  Ans Krupp (f.l.t.r)

ddd_110591353_mpeg21_p004_image young1971 inter1971