Miss Holland 1972

Jenny ten Wolde


Miss Holland 1972, Jenny ten Wolde had to go to the judge to get her ticket to participate in the Miss Universe pageant. After the Miss Europe pageant, where Jenny was unplaced, the Miss Holland organization asked Monica Strottman to get ready to participate in the Miss Universe pageant. When Jenny suit the organization, their explanation was that they tried to get in contact with Miss Jenny, but she never answered her phone. In the end the judgement was in favor of Jenny an she went to Puerto Rico to proof that she is the one and only Miss Holland 1972…

1: Jenny ten Wolde (Miss Europe 1972 & Miss Universe 1972)

2: Monica Strotmann (Miss Holland 1971 (?), Miss World 1971 & Miss International 1972)
3: Marga Scheide (Miss Holland 1971, Miss Holland 1973, Miss Holland 1973, 2nd Ru Miss Holland 1977, Miss, Miss Young International 1972, Miss Elegance & SF Miss Europa 1975)
4: Monique Borgeld (Miss Holland 1973, Miss World 1972, Miss Universe 1973)
5: Marga Kramer



55917-800-600Jenny on the right and Monica in white, facing the judge.