Miss Holland 1975

Lynda Snippe & Cora Kitz


Lynda Snippe became Miss Holland 1975 while everybody expected Ellen Soeters to be the winner. Lynda went to the Miss Universe pageant. She would also go to the Miss Europe pageant but this pageant was cancelled due to the civil war in Lebanon. After the Miss Universe pageant Lynda got into a conflict with the Miss Holland organization and she was dethroned. Cora Kitz was crowned as Miss Holland.
Ellen Soeters became famous in the Netherlands being the first dutch playmate in the dutch Playboy. In Germany she was famous as Frau Antje, a fictive person to promote dutch cheese.

1: Lynda Snippe (Backup candidate Miss Holland 1974, Miss Universe 1975, dethroned)

2: Cora Kitz (Miss Holland after dethroning Lynda Snippe, Miss International 1976)
Barbara Ann Neefs (3rd Ru Miss Holland 1976, Miss World 1975, Winner Miss Europa 1978)
3: Nanny Nielen (1st Ru Miss Holland 1976, Miss Holland 1978 (both pageants) 2nd Ru 4: Miss Holland 1979, Miss Holland 1980, Miss Holland 1982, SF Miss International 1975, Miss Universe 1976, Miss World 1979)
5: Ellen Soeters (Miss Young International 1975)


  • Margreet ten Bokkel
  • Sylvana de Groot
  • Marlies Hensels
  • Liesette Witting
  • Monique van Hooren


  • Yvonne van Heumen
  • Wilma Minderhout
  • Wanda Jacobs
  • Mia Joosten
  • Marinee Crezee
  • Liesbeth Stil
  • Leida Sabee
  • Greta Meelis
  • Christel Steegh
  • Fanny Brands

Backup candidate:

  • Lidy Vos


Lynda being busy during rehearsals at the Miss Universe pageant…..