Miss Holland 1976

Miss Holland 1976

Lucie Visser & Nanny Nielen

top3After Lucy had won the Miss Holland 1976 pageant she would go to the Miss Universe pageant in Hong Kong but she refused and wanted to go to the Miss Europe pageant instead. After she didn’t win the Miss Europe Pageant she decided that she also wanted to go to the Miss Universe pageant. The Miss Holland comity refused as they already started to send Nanny Nielen to the pageant. Lucy got upset and she and the Miss Holland comity go into a fight. The Miss Holland Comity decided to dethrone Lucy and Nanny became Miss Holland 1976.

1: Lucie Visser (2nd Ru Miss Europe 1976, Dethroned)

2: Nanny Nielen (3rd Ru Miss Holland 1975, Miss Holland 1978 (both pageants), Miss Holland 1979, Miss Holland 1980, Miss Holland 1982, SF Miss International 1975, Miss Universe 1976, Miss World 1979, after dethronin Lucy Visser the unofficial Miss Holland 1976)

3: Stephanie Flatow (2nd Ru Miss Holland 1970, 3rt Ru Miss Europe 1970, F. Miss World 1976, 1st Ru Miss Benelux)
4: Barbara Ann Neefs (2nd Ru Miss Holland 1975, Miss World, Winner Miss Europa 1978)
5: Willy Leedekerke


  • Agnes Kurves
  • Anne-Lize Heymans
  • Antoinette van Rossum (Miss Holland 1978)
  • Bertha van de Sluys
  • Caroline Wijnands
  • Dorothea Meijboom
  • Ellen Hart
  • Elly Pöpping
  • Frieda van Noort
  • Helga Jansen
  • Henriëtte Weidema
  • Margo van Zoeren
  • Wilma Bensink (Miss Holland 1984)
  • Yvonne  Bergsma
  • Susan Stroomer (Winner Miss Young Holland 1976, Miss Young International 1976)
  • Anita de Bont (Miss Holland 1979)


Nanny at the Miss Universe pageant in Hong Kong during a swimsuit presentation. Nanny is 4th from the right in a green swimsuit.