Miss Holland 1977, Ineke Berends

Miss Holland 1977, Ineke Berends

Ineke Berends

The newspaper “de Telegraaf”  had their own beauty pageant, Miss Privé. In 1977 the organisation of that pageant was done by Corinne Rottschaefer. She also got all the licenses for the international beauty pageants. She named the pageant Miss Privé Holland. Winner of this pageant was Ineke Berends, a 24 year old nurse who started to work as a model in 1976. Her big price was a Fiat Bambino, a reason for her to enter the pageant. Ineke went to Republica Dominicana for the Miss Universe Pageant. She was a real favorite and made it to the semifinals. At the Miss World Pageant in London she became first runner up in one of the best Miss Worlds ever. The judges had a hard time finding a winner among the 7 finalists. All 7 were beautiful and would made a great Miss World.

1: Ineke Berends (F. Miss Universe 1977, 1st Ru Miss World 1977)

2: Willie Muis (Miss International 1977)
3: Caroline Hooft (Miss Young Holland 1977, Miss Young International 1977, Miss Europe 1977/1978, SF Miss Young Intercontinental 1978)


  • Petra Roest
  • Conny Geurdes



  • Marie Louise Neeb
  • 10 more….


Ineke Berends is one of the most beautiful beauty queens we had in the 70’s. She represented the Netherlands at the Miss Universe pageant (pictures below in yellow dress and in bikini), where she became a semi-finalist and at the Miss World where she placed second (pictures below in white and next to Mis World 1977 from Sweden). 


Willie Muis was very surprised when she became 1st  runner-up at the Miss Holland 1977 pageant. Because she placed second she was our representative at the Miss International 1977 pageant. The pictures below are Willie at the Miss International pageant (left and right) and yje one in the middel is the official headshot for Miss Holland 1977.


Caroline Hooft, was crowned Miss Young Holland 1977.