Miss Holland 1981

Miss Holland 1981

Ingrid Schouten


Ingrid Schouten, just crowned as Miss Holland 1981, in the middle together with the other 4 girls who made the top 5.
From left to right: Donna Melief, Ine Hoedemaeckers, Ingrid, Saskia Lemmers and Shirley Mescher.
Shirley Mescher tried her luck as a singer under her stage name: Shirley-Jane Mercier. She was part of the duo Fresh and also of the group Music Hall.
Music Hall entered the dutch national 
song contest to represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Songcontest. But just before the national finals Shirley was replaced as she was pregnant. Shirley gave birth to a baby girl, Melissa. Melissa became  Miss Nederland 2007 and represented the Netherlands at the Miss World pageant.

1: Ingrid Schouten (1st Ru Miss Europe 1981, SF Miss Universe 1981)

2: Saskia Lemmers (Miss Holland 1977, Miss World 1981)
3: Ine Hoedemaeckers (Miss International 1981)
4: Donna Melief (Miss Holland 1982)
5: Shirley Mescher


  • Mandy de Ruijter
  • Monique Jongeneel
  • Sonja Stikkelorum


  • Trudy Kraft
  • Carmen Megens
  • Marijke Rombout
  • Tinka Nas
  • Anita Philipsen (Miss Teen Intercontinental 1981)
  • José Theunissen
  • Hannie Woldhuis
  • Saskia de Vries
  • Bianca Braspenning
  • Siska de Jong
  • Wilmi Ligthart
  • Lijdia Bolk
  • Marjo van Rooij (Miss Holland 1980)
  • Conny Boetzer (Miss Holland 1981, Miss Holland 1982, Miss Intercontinental 1982)


From left to right: Ingrid modeling, crowned as Miss Holland and at the Miss Europe 1981 pageant.
ingrid  miss holland 1981037  ingridmisseuropa

Saskia Lemmers represented the Netherlands at the Miss World 1981 pageant, picture right is from Miss Holland program book
missworld81  SFA003016007  saskia lemmers039

Ine Hoedemaeckers represented the Netherlands at the Miss International 1981 pageant in Tokio

Ine-Japan-19812 inemissinter ine

(pictures Ine Hoedemaeckers thanks to Ine Hoedemaeckers)