Miss Holland 1985

Pasquale Somers & Mandy Jacobs

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Pasquale Somers is stil official Miss Holland 1985, the judge made that clear. But Pasquale was unable to go to any international pageant due to some nude pictures that were made if Pasquale. 
At first the Miss Holland organization dethroned Pasquale and crowned Mandy Jacobs as the new Miss Holland. A judge decided, because the pictures were never published, Pasquale had to be named Miss Holland again. 

Brigitte Bergman, 1st runner-up at the Miss Holland 1983 pageant was send to the Miss World and the Miss Universe pageant in 1985. 

1: Pasquale Somers

2: Mandy Jacobs (Miss Europa 1985)

3: Caroline Veldkamp (SF Miss International 1986,  Miss Universe 1986, Queen of Europe 1987)
4: Bonita Baarda


  • Francina Bosch
  • Claudia Drijfhout
  • Ria Heeremans
  • Esther Huygens
  • Marjolein Hijmans
  • Shirley Kneepkens
  • Jeanine Meyers
  • Sonia Muir
  • Miranda Peek (Miss Holland 1986)
  • Kitty Reuvers
  • Conny Riebergen
  • Chinene Ruyter
  • Jacqueline Schuman (Miss Holland 1982, Miss Holland 1988, Miss Universe Netherlands 1991, Miss International 1982, 2nd Ru Miss International 1985)
  • Monique Stiphout (4th Ru Miss Holland 1986)
  • Jolanda Vredenburg
  • Jolanda Waasdorp (Miss Holland 1986)
  • Nicole de Zeeuw
  • Anja Zwanenburg

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 During the rehearsals, Mandy is second from the left. (picture by Patricia Steur)


pasenbonThe two ” bad girls” of the Miss Holland 1985 pageant, Bonita and Pasquale. After Pasquale won the right to be Miss Holland again, Bonita lost her changes to be send to any international pageant and therefore she decided to pose nude for Aktueel magazine. Those photos were made by Guy van Grinsven, who also had shot to nude pictures of Pasquale Somers.