Miss Nederland 1993

Hilda Vermeulen


The Miss Nederland 1993 finals were a big television show on RTL4. There were two evenings: a semi-final and a final. During the semi-finals 6 of the 12 girls were chosen to be in the finals one day later.
At the finals there were 13 panel of judges: an expert jury and 12 provincial juries. All these panels gave their point like at the Eurovision song contest.
The expert jury gave their highest marks to Miss Brabant, Patricia Brok. But the provincial 
juries gave the most points to Hilda Vermeulen. So in the end it was Hilda Vermeulen, Miss Friesland who won the crown. It was for the first time a girl from this province won the title.
Patrica Brok became a tv personality in the 90’s and hosted programs like Blond, Blond and Blond.

1: Hilda Vermeulen (Miss Friesland, Miss World 1993)

2: Patricia Brok (Miss Brabant)
3: Mariëlle Jansen (Miss Noord Holland)


  • Ilona van Hunen (Miss Gelderland)
  • Noëlle ter Woerds (Miss Flevoland)
  • Monique Sterchel (Miss Overijssel)


  • Susanne Coenen (Miss Zuid Holland)
  • Martiza Rijn (Miss Zeeland)
  • Sonja Pol (Miss Groningen)
  • Suzanne Kars (Miss Drenthe)
  • Diana van der Neut (Miss Utrecht)
  • Marjan Klaassen (Miss Limburg)


missneder9932 missneder49322 missneder593

From left to right: Hilda, Patrica and Mariëlle

missneder1193 missneder2932 missneder3932

from left to right: Ilona, Noëlle and Monique

missneder10932 missneder8932 missneder1932

From left to right: Suzanne, Sonja and Diana

missneder1293 missneder793 missneder693

from left to right: Marjan, Maritza and Susanne

Below the picture of Hilda from the Miss World program book. On the other picture we see her during the finals of Miss Nederland 1994. She is showing the national costume for Miss Nederland 1994 that had won the “Design the national costume for Miss Nederland” contest.

SCAN0278 natinal