Miss Nederland 1995

Didie Schackman


Like in 1993 and 1994 the finals were live broadcasted on RTL4 during two evenings. At the first evening, 6 of the 12 provincial beauty queens were eliminated. The second evening was the big final where the new Miss Nederland was crowned. 

At the second evening 13 jury’s gave their points to the finalists like at the Eurovision song contest. There was 1 expert jury and 12 provincial jury’s. The provincial jury’s could not vote for their own province. The expert jury gave their highest points to Miss Brabant, while the provincial jury’s gave their highest points to Miss Noord Holland. Miss Gelderland, Didie Schackman ended at both jury’s in second position. When the points were added together it was Didie who had just 2 points more then Miss Noord Holland, Devi van Huijstee and Miss Gelderland 1995 was crowned Miss Nederland 1995 and went to Miss World.

1: Didie Schackman (Miss World 1995)

2: Devi van Huijstee
3: Viveke van de Broek


  • Dominique Weerwind
  • Joyce Wegman
  • Nancy van der Beek



  • Gerda Drent
  • Ingrid Swieringa
  • Ellis Mulder
  • Bianca van Rens
  • Diana van Belsum
  • Martine Los


gelderland222 noordholland22 noordbrabant22

From left to right the top 3: Didie, Devi en Viveke

didie Miss_Nederland_show

Just being crowned, together with Sheila de Vries, the dress designer and during the Miss Nederland finals

Didie_Schackman_en_Nelson_Mandela Didie_Schackman_tijdens_Miss_World_verkiezing

Meeting Nelson Mandela and during the fashion show, at the Miss World pageant