Miss Universe NL ’05

Sharita Sopacua

Sharita already participated in the Miss Nederland 2004 pageant, where she became first Miss Utrecht 2004 and after that 2nd runner-up at the finals. 
Monique Plat also made a big impression on the judges and was asked to represent the Netherlands at the Miss World 2005 pageant in China. Therefore we can call Monique, Miss Nederland 2005.
Fleur Vosse started a model agency and became a tv assistant at a television program called the Pain Game. Her skills as a pole dancer can be seen in the dutch movie: “Komt een vrouw bij de dokter”. 


1: Sharita Sopacua (Miss Universe 2005, 2nd runner-up Miss Nederland 2004)

2: Monique Plat (Miss Nederland 2005, Miss World 2005)
3: Eveline Jansen


  • Salina Bussem ( 1st Ru Miss Earth Netherlands 2004)
  • Sara Stabile (Miss Italia Olanda 2004, Miss Italia nel Mondo 2004, F. Miss Italia Olanda 2009)
  • Fleur Vosse
  • Lynn
  • Andrea Hertog
  • Nikkie Sengers


Foto038 Foto033 Foto045

from left to right: Sharita, Monique and Eveline Jansen

Foto035 Foto040 Foto034

form left to right: Salina, Sara and Nicky

Foto039 Foto036 Foto031

from left to right: Andrea, Lynn and Fleur


Sharita at the Miss Universe pageant

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