Miss Universe NL ’93

Miss Universe NL ’93

Angelique van Zalen


When Angelique van Zalen won the Miss Universe Netherlands pageant, many said she was a clone of Angela Visser. During the international Miss Universe pageant, Angelique was a strong contender who supposed to be a semi-finalist. In the end she just missed the top 10, her score placed her in the 15th place. Angelique was very disappointed, with the results.

1: Angelique van Zalen (Miss Universe 1993, Miss Universe Noord Holland)


  • Elles Bijl (Miss Universe Groningen)
  • Daniëlle Roege (Miss Universe Friesland)
  • Janita Oosterdijk (Miss Universe Drenthe)
  • Elles Netebrij (Miss Universe Overijssel)
  • Silvia Boone (Miss Universe Flevoland)
  • Hester van der Vliet (Miss Universe Gelderland)
  • Fabiënne de Vries (Miss Universe Utrecht)
  • Marscha Daniëls (Miss Universe Zuid Holland)
  • Joyce van Ewijk (Miss Universe Zeeland)
  • Michelle Boekhout (Miss Universe Brabant)
  • Patricia Weerts (Miss Universe Limburg)


from left to right: Elles, Daniëlle, Janita


from left to right: Elles, Sylvia, Hester


from left to right: Fabiënne, Angelique, Marscha


from left to right: Joyce, Michelle, Patricia

Angelique at Miss Universe