Miss Universe NL ’98

Miss Universe NL ’98

Jacqueline Rotteveel


Miss Universe Netherlands 1998 was broadcasted live by the new television network “SBS6″. There were 9 girls who competed for the title. For Jacqueline it was the second time she competed in a live broadcasted competition. In 1995 she was 1st runner-up at the search for the ” Supermodel of the Netherlands”, the dutch preliminary for Ford’s Supermodel of the World competition broadcasted by “Veronica”.

Jacqueline was one of the favorites to win together with Mirjam Bouwman, who became the first runner-up. Later she became a television host for the religious broadcast company “EO”.
Jacqueline went to Hawaii for the Miss Universe finals and was noticed as a real beauty with short hair.

1: Jacqueline Rotteveel (Miss Universe 1998)

2: Mirjam Bouwman
3: Jessica Veenhuis (Miss Drenthe 1997, 4th Ru Miss Nederland 1997)


  • Madya
  • Wendy Schijvens (F Miss Noord Brabant 1997 for Miss Nederland, Miss Universe Netherlands 2000)
  • Germaine Haimé
  • Kamila Alexandra Opaka
  • Virginia Koopmans (2nd RU Miss Universe Netherlands 1996, Miss Europe 1996)
  • Chiara Vanessa Lantai