Miss World Netherlands 2008

Carmen Kool


In 2008 the candidate for Miss World was chosen in a special pageant held in the Amsterdam Fashion Centre. As the Miss Nederland organization had lost its license for the Miss World this pageant was organized by a modeling agency.
The winner was Carmen Kool and she went to south Africa to represent the Netherlands at the Miss World finals. A few months before her reign ended she posed for the dutch playboy and she lost her crown.

1: Carmen Kool (Miss World 2008, lost her crown after posing nude for dutch playboy)


1: Leoni Tuip (Became Miss World Netherlands after Carmen Kool lost her title)


  • Madeleine Smith
  • Natasja van Schijndel
  • Laura Hoogervorst
  • Amber Paulusma
  • Chesmee Arringaneng
  • Brenda Gerlofsma (Miss Earth Netherlands 2006, Miss BeNeLux 2008)
  • Sharon Dorlandt
  • Joanita Dewsanang


Carmen and Leoni


top form left to right: Laura, Esmee, Madeleine and Brenda

bottom form left to right: Sharon, Joanita, Laura and Natasja

pictures below: 1 and 2 at Miss World and a glam shot

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