Queen of the Benelux 2010

Queen of the Benelux 2010


When Donny song his song while Inger de Jonge was walking her last walk as Queen of the Netherlands the organiser of the pageant, Milou Verhoeks cried as she was saying goodbye to her first chosen beauty queen. Inger de Jonge was a great Queen of the Netherlands and enjoyed every second of it. Her most beautifull experiences were being crowned las year and representing the Netherlands in Berlin at the Queen of the World pageant.

We from Misshollandnow are also very proud as Inger is offcourse our Miss Holland  Now of the Year 2010.

Milou was asked by the Queen of the World organization to organise a Queen of the Benelux pageant and to send 4 girls to the world finals in 2010. On september 17th it was the birth of a new great show: Queen of the Benelux 2010 in centreparcs Vossemeren at Lommel, Belgium. 19 Girls from Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands participated at the pageant all hoping to wear the crown of Inger.

The show was hosted by Miss Universe Netherlands 2004, Lindsay Grace Pronk and by Christophe Daem, Mister Lederberg 2008 and vice-president of Queen of the Benelux Belgium.

Among the jury we saw: Miss Nederland 2009, Avalon-Chanel, singer Fouradi, Queen Benelux Julie Ghoss from Belgium together with the organiser of Queen Benelux, Karin Nuyts, Miss Earth Netherlands Melissa Cardacci and Miss Holland 1976, Nanny Nielen.

There were 4 rounds of competition: introduction, Bikini, eveninggowns and overall impression. During the evening gown competition and during the last break singer Donny sang several songs.

After the announcement of the winners from Luxembrg: Elisabeth Del Boccio, Belgium: Katharina Winterschladen and the Netherlands: Anke Jabroer we saw a very happy Noran Mostafa being crowend as the overall winner.

Thaks Milou for a great show!!


Queen of the Benelux 2010:

  • Noran Mostafa (1st Runner-up Queen of the World)

Queen of the Netherlands 2010:

1: Anke Jabroer (SF Queen of the World, F Miss Noord Holland 2012)

2: Dian Biemans (Miss BeNeLux 2010, 1st Ru Miss Progress, Miss Yacht 2011, Miss Bikini International 2011)
3: Lisanne Bouwman (Queen of the Benelux 2011)

Queen of Belgium 2010:

1: Katharina Winterschladen (Queen Benelux 2010, 2nd Ru Miss Civilization 2010, Queen of the World 2010)

2: Sophie Jaspers
3: Stephanie van Houtvinck

Queen of Luxemburg 2010:

1: Elisabeth Del Boccio (Miss BeNeLux 2008, Queen of the World 2010)

2: Rabab Molitor


  • Jemima Hoop (NL)
  • Serena Verbon (NL)
  • Whitney Charité (NL) (Queen of the Benelux 2011)
  • Chiara Polo (Bel)
  • Rowan Daane (NL)
  • Jalena van Tuyl (NL)
  • Dionne Wulff (NL) (Ru Queen Benelux 2010, Miss Friendship at Miss Civilization of the World 2010)
  • Danique Steur (NL)
  • Alyssa Cratsborn (NL, Miss Benelux 2010)
  • Katherina Rodrigues Taveras (NL)


special awards

Miss Radio:

  • Anke Jabroer

Miss Photogenic:

  • Dian Biemans

Miss Sports:

  • Jemima Hoop

Miss Popularity:

  • Stephanie van Houtvinck

Miss Charity:

  • Serena Verbon

did not compete in the end:

  • Melany d’Fonseca
  • Merugia Veldkamp
  • Elke Boes


Queen of the World 2010