Shauny Bult

Shauny Bult

Miss Earth 2012, Miss International 2014 and Miss Grand International 2015 (SF)

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Shauny Bult, born in 1991, started her career in the Beauty pageants in 2012 when she entered the Miss Noord Brabant pageant. This was a preliminary pageant for the Miss Nederland 2012/2013 pageant where she placed 3rd. The winner of the pageant, Jacqueline Steenbeek would win the Miss Nederland World 2012/2013 crown and represent the Netherlands at the Miss World pageant in 2013.

Shauny herself was then asked to represent the Netherlands at the Miss Earth 2012 pageant by Katia Maes. Shauny had hardly the time to prepare but she did a great job in the Philippines where the pageant took place.
In 2014 she was asked again by Katia Maes to represent the Netherlands at the Miss International pageant in Japan. Shauny was an instant hit and very populair among the pageant watchers and placed her almost in every poll at the number one spot. But in the end she did not place as did many favorites before the finals.

In 2015 she became Miss Grand Netherlands 2015 and she went to Thailand to go to the newest among the grand slam pageant, the Miss Grand International. Shauny was prepared for the pageant by 12 Months of Beauty. Like in 2014 Shauny was a big hit and she placed in a very strong field of contenders as an top 20 semi-finalist.

In 2016 she tried for the last time to become Miss Nederland, although one of the favorites she didn’t make it.

Miss Grand International 2015

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Miss International 2014

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Miss Earth 2012

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