The Face

The Face was a reality show to find yet another topmodel. The show was just aired one season>

There were 2 female coaches with 4 female contestants each and also 2 male coaches with 4 male contestants each. One of the coaches was dutch supermodel Frederique van der Wal, Winner Elite Model Look 1985.



1: Chelsay Weimar


2: Stefan Scheenstra


  • Pluk Kersten
  • Sharona Bakker
  • Anne van Wenen
  • John Ruitenbeek
  • Simon Fluks
  • Rabia Omanette
  • Dennis Opperman
  • Janine Stoffer
  • Timothy Dingeman
  • Cinzia Guarneri (Miss Nederland 2013/2014 and Top 15 Miss Italia Nel Mondo 2007)
  • Justin Kötter
  • Saskia de Prez
  • Jordy Schmidt
  • Tessa Coenen