10 Questions for…. Demian Overduyn

10 Questions for…. Demian Overduyn

For Kim Kötter it it is the third Mister Netherlands that she chose to represent the Netherlands at the Mister World pageant. His name: Demian Overduyn, a biology student and a dancer. Will he be able to  be as successful as Honza Filipi, who placed as a finalist at the 2010 edition of Mister World in China. Honza is still the most successful dutch Mister at the Mister World pageant.
Demian sure got the looks and the brains to be placed and he will be a strong competitor for a high placement during the Mr World 2014 pageant.

We asked Demian 10 questions….

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Please introduce yourself to the visitors of Miss Holland Now

Hey everybody, my name is Demian Overduijn and 23 years old. This Sunday the 1ste of June is my birthday so I will be 24 soon. I study biology at the University of Wageningen because I love to be out in the bush and I love to watch and catch animals (and release them of course). Furthermore I work as a professional dancer and model. So next to nature I also love fashion, city life and being around people. I also love to sport. I am a fast learner so I can practice a lot of different types of sports. The sports I love most are playing tennis, doing gymnastics, of course dancing, kung fu, capoeira, spinning etc. I am passionate and I won’t stop till I reach my goals. I always want something new to learn and so I recently started playing the guitar, which is going very well if I may say so. I recently became single after a 7 year relationship and during the talent show at the Mr World competition I would like to close this chapter of my life by choreographing a dance on “Passenger’s let her go” . Furthermore, I am very social, always in a good mood and I look forward to the competition.

Why did the Mister Nederland organization chose you and not one of the other entries

I believe they chose me because I am broadly proficient. The Looks, the Study, the Work and the Sports.

In your Bio it says that the Mister World organization is looking for a man like James Bond, how do you fit into that picture?

Like James Bond, I’m not afraid to take risks and I believe I share some James Bond class charm.

What do you expect of the Mister World pageant?

I expect it to be hard work and a lot of fun with all the other contestants. I don’t mind to work hard,especially when I’m having fun. So I look forward to the competition.

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The Mister World pageant has several pre-pageant events like sports and talent; at what events do you think you will score and why?

I think I will score at talent and sports the most, because I will be doing a dance in the talent show in which I can put a lot of my emotions. I believe I can show the jury and the audience a little part of my life by this choreography. And because of my job as a dancer, my condition is good, as is my coordination and balance.

How will you prepare?

I have met Honza Filipi, Mr Netherlands 2010, and Bas Gosewisch, Mr Netherlands 2012, and they gave me some useful tips. I also prepared by choreographing my own talent piece and I sported even more than usual.

What will you tell the other Misters from all around the world about the Netherlands, besides windmills, cheese and wooden shoes?

That the Netherlands is a very free and modern country in which you can have lots of fun.

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Besides having the look, you are also a Biology student; Why is this THE perfect combination for the next Mister World?

I love nature and I want to help conserve biodiversity. I have learnt a lot about biodiversity and what the problems are of conserving it. During the Mr World competition I can bring this problem forward and I can share knowledge on how to prevent animals for disappearing from our planet. I can give the right reasons why we should preserve biodiversity to an audience (Mr World competition) that I normally could not reach.

What is your goal in life and how will you make that happen?

I hope to combine biology (being in nature) with television. I hope to present a TV show where I go into nature looking for endangered animal species. By accomplishing this, I get to be in nature where I feel great and I get to bring knowledge and awareness to people all over the world about lots of species and I can try to convince people why we should be more careful with nature. I try to make this all happen by studying biology… and by getting acting lessons and by starting to work for smaller TV programs about animals. And of course, I really hope and I do think that the Mr World competition can help me to get into the picture and arouse interest for my goals.

We wish Demian all the best of luck during the Mister World pageant and want to thank him to take the time to answer our questions during his busy preparation.

Thanks Kim Kötter

photo credits: Chester Bouwman 


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