10 questions for, Kaylee Portegies Zwart, Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands 2022

10 questions for, Kaylee Portegies Zwart, Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands 2022

Like many others Kaylee Portegies Zwart had to wait a long time for the international finals due to the corona pandemic. But finally the finals of Miss Supermodel Worldwide are in sight. On october 17th we will get to know the new Miss Supermodel Worldwide. And of course we already know who she will be… Our beautiful Kaylee, who will travel to the international finals together with Leila Onome Onyeagbako, who will host the international finals.
But who is Kaylee? We asked her 10 questions and luckily for us and you, she had some time to answer these during her busy schedule of preparations.

Who is Kaylee Portegies Zwart?

That’s a great question to start with and one I’m very happy to be able to answer after spending years of discovering who I really am. I could tell you about my work as Personal Trainer in the gym, the small town I grew up in just outside of Amsterdam or my bachelor degree I got in 2018, but I’d much rather tell you about all the things that truly make me, me. Like how I love to take care of my body and mind by going to the gym. How I prepared for my first boxing match right after I won a beauty pageant. How my mom and boyfriend are the two most important people in my world and how I faint when I see blood but still went in to donate it.

When and why did you enter the world of beauty pageants?

A girl I followed on Instagram participated in a beauty pageant and it got me curious. I have always loved presenting and representing, whenever we did a school group project I wanted to be the one giving the presentation. With my experience as hostess and some modeling jobs here and there I decided to give it a go. After my first beauty pageant, where I became first runner up, I was hooked and made it my goal to take home the crown and go international.

You have been chosen in 2020 and you will represent the Netherlands at Supermodel Worldwide 2022. How did you keep your title alive and how did you stay focussed?

As Miss Supermodel Worldwide Netherlands I had one goal: to use my platform to raise awareness for Sickle Cell Disease, a genetic blood disease that affects millions worldwide and causes strokes, eye problems, infections and very bad episodes of pain. Many children with this inherited disease don’t get beyond the age of 5. During the pandemic me and my boyfriend (who is a Sickle Cell patient himself), decided to raise awareness — and money — by collecting empty plastic bottles and donating the deposit to the Dutch Sickle Cell Fund. During my reign I also applied to be a volunteer for this fund and am now managing their social media channels.

What effect did the pandemic had on your life?

Being a Personal Trainer and entrepreneur, the main effect the pandemic has had on me personally was business wise. Gyms closed and we weren’t able to get as many people fit and healthy as we wanted to. However, I think everyone can agree these last few years have made it extra clear to us how important health truly is. We turned the tables and decided to give online fitness classes, this way we could still get people moving while providing a safe environment.

How are you preparing for the international competition?

A big part of preparation for Miss Supermodel Worldwide in India is ofcourse picking the right dress, perfecting make-up skills and getting catwalk coaching. However, in between all this glitter and glamour I do keep my focus on my goal: using this opportunity to make the world a better, healthier place. I am very aware of the platform I am already given and I do want my appearance internationally to make an impact on people’s life’s and the way they view health.

What is the difference between a beauty queen and a model in your opinion? And do you consider yourself more a beauty queen or a model?

A model represents a brand or a concept, while a beauty queen represents a country and a vision. However, I do believe the winner of Miss Supermodel Worldwide should have both qualities of a beauty queen as well as a model. So even though I would consider myself a little bit more on the beauty queen side of things, I definitely feel like I have what it takes to get in front of a camera and put the ‘Supermodel’ in Miss Supermodel Worldwide.

Who is your role model (in the pageant world), and what have you learned from this person?

I am a big fan of the Miss Universe competition and I absolutely love everything about Catriona Gray. Her performance on stage made a big impression on me and I think it’s admirable her walk was so iconic it got it’s own name — the lava walk. However, in regards to advocacy I am blown away by the current Miss Universe, Harnaaz Sandhu. She is the living breathing example that all women are beautiful and she carries herself with an amount of confidence I would wish upon every little girl around the world.

What is the song that you describes you the most and why?

My parents actually got my first name from the song Kayleigh by Marillion, and my second name Roxanne from The Police. Both songs are about love, but not the easy butterfly kind of love you see in movies. I think these songs represent to me that love is the most important thing on this world, but that it doesn’t always come easy.

What message do you have for young people all over the world?

My message to all young people: take care of your health. Because only by being the most powerful, strong version of yourself are you able to make this world a better place. I always like to use the metaphor of the airplane as an example: in case of a crash, the cabin crew tells you to put your own oxygen mask on before helping the person next to you. So eat healthy, move your body and take care of your mind. This way can you truly help others.

What about Kaylee in 10 years?

If we are blessed me and my boyfriend would love to have some children by then. I want to keep making an impact on people’s life’s, having expanded the Personal Training company into a lifestyle machine and hopefully live to see Sickle Cell Disease being cured.

Thank you so much Kaylee for the time in your busy schedules to answer these questions. Also a big thank you to Leila Onome Onyeagbako!

photo credits:

Photographer: @smdphotography_nl
Mua: Blanca Mendoza
Dresses: Monique Desar and @avondjurkenverhuur_nes
Hair: @aasanjana



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