10 questions for Miss Asia Pacific Netherlands 2017: Morgan Doelwijt

10 questions for Miss Asia Pacific Netherlands 2017: Morgan Doelwijt

Miss Asia Pacific is not a new pageant, it already started in 1968 with just 14 countries from Asia and the pacific. The pageant crew and accepted also countries that are not from that area and the Netherlands participated for the first time in 2016. And a better start for a country is impossible as Tessa le Conge did not only win the Miss Friendship award she also won the overall pageant.
So no surprise that our country is participating this year for the second time. At the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2017 pageant earlier this year Morgan Doelwijt was crowned Miss Asia Pacific Netherlands 2017 with Shanna Boeff as runner-up.
The very happy Morgan was crowned by the lovely and beautiful Tessa le Conge who will off course also be present at the international pageant later this year.

But who is Morgan Doelwijt? we asked her 10 questions:

Who is Morgan Doelwijt?
My name is Morgan Doelwijt and I am nineteen years old. I live in Utrecht with my mother, father and little brother. In my daily life I am a student and in my free time I love spending time with my friends and family. I love dancing, shopping and not to forget, my dog Dushi. I am an enthusiastic girl who loves to explore and try new things. That´s why I am so glad that I can take part in this adventure! I think it´s important to enjoy, life is about making memories.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I was asked if I wanted to join the pageant: Miss Beauty of Utrecht, I was very flattered and excited that someone thought that I could actually do that! So, I went to the casting, this was such a nice day where I met the nicest girls and on top of that, I got selected for the competition miss beauty of Utrecht. On the 8th of April I won the title Miss Beauty of Utrecht. I enjoyed being on stage so much, that was the moment when I knew that this was my thing. So I was thrilled about joining Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2017. All of the provincial misses participated rural. The range I had with all the girls was amazing and recently on the 9th of September I was crowned Miss Asia Pacific International Netherlands 2017, so my beauty pageant life is far from over!

You have a difficult task as Miss Asia Pacific Netherlands 2016, Tessa le Conge, was the first contestant from the Netherlands and she was crowned the winner. How will you cope with this pressure?
Not only did Tessa Le Conge won the big title and miss friendship last year, she was and still is my role model. So, walking in her footsteps is huge for me but I all I can do is my best, and I will! I am not the same as Tessa, everyone is different and special in their own way. I’m going to give the full 100 percent and I will always be proud that I could experience this beautiful adventure!

How do you prepare for the international pageant?
I spent my last days before leaving the Netherlands in the gym. I work out a lot and eat healthy. I want to make sure that I am physically in great shape. I made a to do list for things needed before I am leaving to the Philippines. For example buying Dutch sweets for my pageant sisters and the organization, that way they will have a taste of a typical Dutch bite. My to do list is also a very good excuse for me to go shopping! I need a lot of new dresses shoes and cosmetics. On school I´m getting extra help with my English speaking so that I can understand everything and give clear answers and have nice conversations.

The Netherlands is not part of Asia nor the Pacific. Why do you think the Netherlands should be represented in the Miss Asia Pacific pageant?
I think we need as many countries and cultures as possible. The fact that we aren´t part of Asia or the Pacific makes it more interesting! Beauty in diversity, I hope I can show everyone the beauty of the Netherlands, our culture, habits and lifestyle.

What makes you a typical Dutch woman and how will you promote the Netherlands in the international pageant?
Other from the fact that I was born in Holland, I love Dutch food and I can relate to the typical Dutch features. Very down to earth and positive thinking. I also have these strange Dutch habits that people from other countries usually find funny or weird. Use the Dutch word ´dus´ for everything, greet people with three kisses on the cheek and cycle everywhere without bike helmets, just the typical Dutch girl.

Miss Asia Pacific is a platform for women to learn, improve and ignite positive change within themselves and the global community. What is the one thing you would like to change about the global community?
To make the world a better place, I think everyone should start with themselves. Take care of our planet, and the people next to us. I would like to change people’s view, in thinking positive, that will make an impact on every person and living creature on our shared planet. It all begins with one small step.

Miss Asia Pacific is not very known in the Netherlands. What can we, as the Dutch pageant community, do about that? What will your contribution be in this matter?
What I´m doing right now is talk about, talk about and talk about it! I share everything I do on my social media accounts and you can also see me in public newspapers and hear me on the radio. I went to events where I introduce myself as Miss Asia Pacific International Netherlands and do things for the pageant. For example, near upon I will be on a Festival where I will be giving catwalk training and share my pageant story.

In the Netherlands we have the opportunity to get flowers to be named after us. What kind of flower and what color will the Morgan Doelwijt flower be and why?
The Morgan Doelwijt flower will be an autumn flower because I love the autumn, threes are getting their leaves back and temperature is rising. I´m picturing a big colorful flower that stands out in the field. Pink an orange colors with black dots in the middle.

What about Morgan in 10 years?
In ten years from now my biggest wish is to still be healthy. Not everyone realizes how lucky they are by being healthy. Some people think that money is everything, but when it comes down to it, health and your family is more important. With all the life experience I’ll have in ten years I hope I have grown wiser and have a promising career where I can support myself. I want to be an example for younger woman and girls

We would like to thank Morgan for answering our 10 questions and wish her all the best of luck at the pageant! We would also like to thank Milou Verhoeks and Charina Bartels for the support of our website and the time in your busy schedules. 



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