10 Questions for Miss Grand Netherlands 2020, Suzan Lips

10 Questions for Miss Grand Netherlands 2020, Suzan Lips

While we publish this interview, Suzan is already one week quarantine in Bangkok, Thailand. Miss Grand International is so far the first Grand Slam pageant to have a physical pageant where all the girls will first be in quarantine for two whole weeks during the Covid Pandemie.
Last year Miss Earth had his international final online.
For the pageant fans there has been good news the last few weeks as many grand slam pageants published their physical finals for their late 2020 edition or their 2021 edition.
Miss Grand International is held for the 8th time and is coming back to Bangkok for its international final. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 Miss Grand International was crowned in the capital city of Thailand.
The 2019 edition was one with a lot of controversy as Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela was the host city for MGI. As we all know the economical situation of this South American country is really bad and the country seems to be on the edge of a civil war. At first the 2020 edition would also be in Venezuela, but the Corona pandemic made this impossible. The Miss Grand Organization decided to make a yet very controversial decision to have a final while many country’s are in lock down but still to organize a final in Bangkok.

The Netherlands is represented by the beautiful and very nice Suzan Lips. She was crowned by her successor after a long online pageant organized by 12 Month of Beauty last year.
Although the preparation time was short and could not be done as it is done normally due to the pandemic, Suzan and her team did the best they could! And it shows!

During her busy times Suzan took the time to answer 10 questions for Miss Holland Now.

Who is Suzan Lips?

I would describe myself as a positive, friendly and hardworking woman. I realised on a young age that if you want to achieve something in life, you have to work hard for it. So I always give my all, in everything I do! I’m also the girl that always tries to help everyone, no matter what. I want people to feel good and I will always try to make everyone feel at ease with my open and friendly character. 

You have won an online pageant. What, to you, is the main difference between an online pageant and a regular pageant?

It really is a big difference! You have to present yourself in such a different way. Normally you have more contact in real life, while now you have to impress everyone via a screen. It makes you a lot more aware of how you come across and you learn to use your body and facial expressions a lot better. It challenged me to the better and I see a big development of myself through the past year! 

You are going to an international pageant in COVID time. Were you worried at first and how do you prepare for a pageant in this time?

Actually I haven’t been worried at all! I have a lot of faith in the 12 months of beauty and Miss Grand International organization and know they wouldn’t organize this big event if it wouldn’t be safe. They have arranged everything really well and safety was always put first, so I actually feel really safe and excited to go!

How is Miss Grand International planning the pageant during this period? 

Safety was really important to them when organizing this event. They are hosting it at the home base of Miss Grand International: Thailand. In Thailand the corona virus is actually controlled really well and they take good measurements for everyone. For example; we have to go in quarantine for 14 days, show a negative test result before we go and are tested over there as well.
After quarantine the pageant starts and we will have different exciting events! We will have our welcoming ceremony, swimsuit competion and besides that we will also do sightseeing in the lovely Bangkok! I can’t wait to see more of the Thai culture!

This is the After COVID 19 pageant of Miss Grand International. What have you learned about yourself in this past challenging period?

I actually have learned a lot about myself. I really see the past year as the time of reasoning for me. I’ve learned to appreciate everything what life is giving us so much more and I try to focus on all the things I can do instead of the things I can’t do. I even won a national title in covid time and I’m flying to Thailand to represent my country! so I do really believe that everything is possible and you can still fight for your dreams even though it might be harder in these times.

It is time for the Netherlands to win Miss Grand International. How are you going to accomplish that?
It sure is! I think it is key to be prepared, stay focused and show my true self. Every girl wants to win and of course will give it their all. So for me personally it’s important to show who I really am and don’t get distracted by negativity and just enjoy the moment! If you are enjoying the pageant, the jury will notice your enthusiasm as well! 

What will you tell the other contestants about your favorite place in the Netherlands?
My favorite place in the Netherlands has to be Utrecht, the city I’m currently studying! It’s located in the center of the Netherlands and it’s a beautiful ancient city with lovely canals. Definitely worth paying a visit when you are in the Netherlands! 

As the international finals are in Thailand, what are you looking forward to most to see in Thailand, and why?
It’s tough to name just one thing! Thailand has been on top of my bucketlist for such a long time to visit, so I’m really excited to be there! I’m mostly looking forward to visit the Wat Phra Kaew, one of the most important Buddhist temples! I’ve never been able to see one of these lovely temples before and I always hear they are breathtaking. So I can’t wait to see it myself!

You already did a lot of live chats. Which question was your favorite and why, and what was your answer?

The favorite question I received so far is what the life lesson was that I learned as a child that still affects me today. I thought it was such a nice question because you never really think about what you can learn from your younger self.
My answer was that I learned as a child to just enjoy the moment and live carelessly. As a child you don’t (have to) worry about all the small things in live, you’re just happy and living your best life. Sometimes I wish I could go back to my younger self and appreciate these careless moments a lot more!

What message do you have for your fans?
The amount of support has been overwhelming! I really want to thank everyone for that, from the bottom of my heart. It gives me such a confidence boost! Make sure to keep on following my journey in Thailand and to support me throughout the pageant! I’m ready to give it my all, and will keep you updated during the pageant!

-Lots of love – Suzan Lips, your Miss Grand Netherlands 2020!

We would like to thank Suzan for taken the time and wish her all the best of luck at the international finals.


photography: Johnny ten Have
Hair: Sanjay Ramcharan for Addict Haarlem
Jewelry and crown: BaroQco
Green dress: Bjorn Kersten
Make-up: Suzan herself

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