10 questions for Miss Nederland 2017, Nicky Opheij

10 questions for Miss Nederland 2017, Nicky Opheij

It seems that every competition Nicky Opheij enters she wins. After becoming Holland’s next Topmodel in 2014 she entered the Miss Nederland pageant this year. After an exciting show where Nicky won over 10 other girls the preparations for the Miss Universe 2017 started.
For Kim Kötter it is her 9th girl for the Miss Universe pageant. Will Nicky become one of the semi-finalists or maby even our second Miss Universe? we will soon know.

But who is Nicky and how is she preparing for one of the biggest pageants in the world? We asked her 10 questions

Who is Nicky Opheij?
Nicky Opheij is the winner of Holland’s next Topmodel2 2014 and was crowned Miss Nederland 2017 on oktober 9th, She has a positive attitude towards life and enjoys everything around her. She is full of ambitions and never gives up. She stands strong with both heals on the ground.

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I registered this year for the first time at Miss Miss Nederland. I saw on the website that its really about your own personality. I think that my personality is also my power and thats the reason I registered. I wanted to show the people how far one can come by staying close to yourself. And I managed to do so.

In 2014 you won Holland’s Next Top Model. What did you take from HNTM to the Miss Nederlands 2017 pageant and what will you take to Miss Universe 2017?
At Holland’s next Topmodel I learned how I can pose the best in front of the camera and how to walk on the catwalk. Both I took with me to the Miss Nederland pageant. At Miss Nederland I learned how to love myself and to be confident with my own body. All of that and my humor I will take with me to the Miss Universe 2017 pageant in Las Vegas!


How did you grow personally from the moment you registered for Miss Nederland?
I learned not to pursue the ideal image that I always had in mind from the measurements of a model. To become the best version of myself. To love myself and to be myself. This all makes me feel confident and to feel at ease. Furthermore I learn how to deal with interviews and how to present myself.

What is it you have to work on most, as Miss Nederland, and specially for the Miss Universe 2017 pageant?
I shall have to work on the most on how to present myself, but I will show myself with my cheerfulness and humor abroad. I will also work on my english and I have to learn how to do my own hair and make-up very well.

The first time the Miss Universe pageant was held in Las Vegas was in 1991, when Paulien Huizinga became first runner up. What will you do to be at least in that position this year?
I will improve the things I have to work on and I will do my very best. For sure I will enjoy everything I may do and I will experience. Of course I will bring with me my humor for the good ambience.

Las Vegas is the city of gambling. What would be your gamble in life and why?
I think that I gambled a lot in my life, for example I gave up my job to be a finalist for Miss Nederland 2017. When you listen to your gut feeling, you know that you will make the right choice. But it always remains a gamble!

Jessie Jazz, Miss Nederland 2015, did the popular tv show Expeditie Robinson in the Netherlands and Zoey Ivory was on Dance Dance Dance. What television show would you like to be invited for and why?
I myself,would also think it’s awesome to do Expeditie Robinson! But to host a program by myself also sounds great! Dancing and singing is not for me or it should be in a karaoke bar, maybe then. I am open for all proposals, but I will, together with the Miss Nederland organization, look into it to find something that really suits me.

What about the Netherlands makes you proud and why?
Nederland feels like home. Its a clean country where everything is very well arranged. All provinces have their own uses and habits and the dutch people are hard workers. That is what I am the most proud of.

What are the rules you live your life by?
I am who I am today, because of the choices I have made yesterday! Learn from the past and never forget where you come from. Enjoy the moments in the future.

Like always we are very proud and happy that the Miss Nederland organization and Nicky could find the time to answer our 10 questions. We wish them all all the best of luck in Las Vegas!


Official pictures by: William Rutten photography
final pictures by: Robin@12monthsofbeauty

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