10 Questions for Miss Nederland 2018, Rahima Dirkse

10 Questions for Miss Nederland 2018, Rahima Dirkse

Rahima Dirkse was crowned Miss Nederland 2018 on july 9th in Scheveningen. It was for the 30(th) time a Miss Nederland was crowned and for national director Kim Kötter it is her 10th Miss Nederland she prepare for the Miss Universe pageant.
Rahima who is half dutch and half Brazilian has that exotic look with a typical dutch touch, that gives her a unique presence. Therefore she will stand out in a group other beauty queens in during the Miss Universe pageant on december 16th in Bangkok Thailand
We from Miss Holland now were very impressed by the answers Rahima gave at the questions we asked. Although a newcomer in the world of beauty pageants she absolutely knows how to speak. 

Curious? Here are the 10 questions we asked Miss Nederland 2018, Rahima Dirkse:

Who is Rahima Dirkse?
Hi, I’m Rahima Ayla Dirkse, 24 years old. (I don’t know when this is going to be published but as of August 11th I’m going to be 25) Born and raised in Rotterdam. I like to sing and play the piano. I also write poetry and love to read. Some may say I’m funny and a passionate person. Oh and also I’m Miss Netherlands 2018!!!!

Why and when did you enter the world of beauty pageants?
I always looked up to the former Miss Nederlands. I would see them on television or read about them, but the thought never occurred to me that that girl could be me. In the beginning of this year I was working at an event as a waitress, where a girl approached me and asked me if I modelled. I responded that I had some experience in modeling to which she suggested that I should give a shot at Miss Netherlands. She complimented me on my work as a hostess and I overheard her say to her friends that she thought that they could use a girl like me on Miss Netherlands. “A hard working girl.” I was so moved by the compliment that I filled in my application and send it to the organization.

Many say beauty pageants are for dumb girls, who can’t do anything else. What would you say to those who have these prejudices about beauty pageants?
Dutch people are quite smart. We are not so easily impressed by just mere beauty. The Miss Nederlands Organization always looks for girls that have a lot to offer in many aspects as we strive to be an example to young girls. I believe that I also have more to offer than just maybe looks. I studied bio pharmaceutical science and I read a lot. But aside from that, I also believe that I have character. Throughout the whole finalists period I stayed true to myself and I think that played a part as to why they chose me as well.

How did you grow personally from the moment you registered for Miss Nederland?
They tell you from the beginning of the journey that you’ll grow a lot as a woman. At first I was sceptical. Everybody gets self-conscious when you’re competing with each other. I learned that I don’t have to be insecure about my personality. I’ve always been insecure about myself: If I was funny or girly enough. I learned to let go of that thought and really embraced my humor and ways. When I was in high school, I didn’t even dare to speak my mind. It took me years to ignore the insecurities and now I really let them all go. I think that was my greatest achievement, thanks to the Miss Nederland process.

What is it you have to work on most, as Miss Nederland, and especially for the Miss Universe 2018 pageant?
Now that I’m a part of the Miss Nederland Organization, this whole year we’re going to try to make me bloom as a woman. A part of this is representing the Netherlands in the Miss Universe 2018 pageant. In preparation for this event, I try to stay up to date on current events in the world. I also work on my walk a lot. The rest of the time I try to focus on the team here in the Netherlands. I really want this to be a good year. I really think a lot about what I want my message to be. To young girls but also to sceptics of beauty pageants.

What is your opinion on the whole discussion about swimwear at the beauty pageants?
If by discussion you mean that there are people that believe it should be banned: I believe that every woman should be allowed to show herself in every way she seems fitting. A lot of the girls participating in beauty pageants are girls that work hard both on the inside as on the outside. The Miss Netherlands Organization did a very good job by letting us show this on stage. They portrayed us as strong women without sexualizing us. It was a strong outing of our female power rather than anything else. If it is done this way, I don’t see any reason why we should ban swimwear at the beauty pageants.

Being a beauty queen makes you an role model. For who would you like to be a role model and how would you fulfill that task?
I would like to be a role model for people like my younger self. Who think they shouldn’t speak up, because they’re not good enough. You don’t have to be like anybody else, just be yourself. My father always used to joke around and say: “Have you ever met an ordinary person and did you like it?” And he’s right. The things you might think some people don’t like about you, because they’re different are exactly the things people will love about you because they’re unique. I would love to show people that I’m not a stereotype and even though I’m not, you don’t have to be!

What about the Netherlands makes you proud and why?
As mentioned before I really like that we value depth. We look further that just looks and we let the kids really find themselves. You get a lot of freedom and opportunities in what you want to study and want to become. Even our sexuality is something we are really openminded about. I think this makes the Netherlands a great country to live in. We respect that we are all different and can discuss different opinions.

Miss Nederland 2017, Nicky will publish her first book about a healthy life for young people. If you were asked to write a book, what would the title be and what would the book be about?
I think Nicky’s book about a heathy life for young people is a great topic. In line with that I’d maybe write a book about mental health. Now that social media has become a great part of our lives, a lot of what you see online has been tweaked. Some people photoshop their body’s to fit to their opinion of ideal and some people only show the great parts of their lives. This has caused a lot more body dysmorphia and even depression amongst the youth. I would also love to write a book about how to cope with the pressure you may feel to fit the bill. Nicky’s book is called On a MISSion. Maybe mine could be called: Lives Outside the Mainstream.

What are the rules you live your life by?
What people maybe don’t expect from me, is that I find new things quite scary sometimes. I always try to push myself and especially face the things that make me treble. Participating in the Miss Netherlands competition was scary and I did it. But not only that, I had a blast and never felt more alive. So my number one rule is to always overcome my fear. Otherwise I get stuck in the same place.

What I’m afraid of can become my new adventure.

Thank you so much for answering our 10 questions Rahima. We want to wish you all the best of luck at the Miss Universe pageant but also during your whole reign. Also a lot of thanks to the Miss Nederland organization, Kim and Monica for al your support always!!

photo credits: William Rutten

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