10 Questions for Mister Global Netherlands 2018, Roel van der Bas

10 Questions for Mister Global Netherlands 2018, Roel van der Bas

Roel van der will represent the Netherlands at the Mister Global pageant. Roel is the third man from our country to travel to Thailand and the dutch hope for this Grand Slam crown.

But who is Roel? and why is his reign a special one for him? We asked him 10 questions

Who is Roel van der Bas?

I would like to introduce myself. I am Roel van der Bas, 26 years old, born on august 9th, 1991. From the age of 15, I wanted to be a model, but unfortunately I was stopped by my strict christian background. Now I have learned to come up for myself and to choose for myself. That’s why I am modeling for 2 years now.

Furthermore I can call myself extravert and energetic, who is up for adventure. My undertaking nature is always there. I also am ambitious, and if I would like something, I don’t give up easily. They also say I am competitive. I always go for the highest possibility.

Besides that, communication is a strong quality of mine. This quality has been very well developed by working as a psychiatric nurse.

When and why did you enter the world of male beauty pageants?

In the end of 2016 I entered the Mister International Netherlands 2017 pageant. After I passed the casting rounds in the beginning of 2017, I went into a strict training. This consisted of trainings every other weekend on saturdays and sundays. (like: catwalk training, social media training, presentation training, photoshoots, etc)

During the finals of Mister International Netherlands 2017, I became 1st runner up, and I was very happy with this placement.

About a month later, I came into contact with Robin and Stefan from 12 Months of Beauty. They were also present at the final show and they asked me if i would like to represent the Netherlands at the international Mister Global 2018 pageant.

I answered very enthusiastic, thankful and exuberantly happy positive to this question. Dreams come true!

Besides that, I would like to be a role model for vulnerable young people, which I will explain more later.

How do you prepare for the international competition? What do you need to work on the most?

During my preparations, I went to train harder the gym and I payed more attention to my food. With my sponsor Canan Yavas from Bodyreboot, I looked at my training and food schedule every month and we adjusted the schedules when necessary. I did this for a athletic, slim and well defined body. Overall, this was where I worked on most. I am still finetuning.

Apart from a good body, there are several rounds with specific apparel. My suit sponsor Misura Sartoria from Amsterfoort, took my measurements. With these measurements, they made a handmade suit and smoking, especially for me.

I also was busy with taking care of my physical care. I regularly went to Waxsalon Zwolle, who helped me considerably.

I also did several Photoshoots with several photographers. There was one international shoot in Manchester with photographer Dan Collins. At this shoot, mastering the english language was necessary, This was a good practice at the same time. Speaking english during the international competition, will be the first time I have to speak only english for days in a row. 


What do you expect from the international competition and the contestants?

I, myself, expect to have a marvelous time at the pageant. Especially because this is an anniversary edition. (Mister Global is held for the 5th time). I also expect to grow there personally. The different cultures together will be interesting and educating for me. Besides that, being conscious about our environment and how to deal with that subject will be important.

What will you tell the other contestants at Mister Global 2018 about the Netherlands that makes you proud about your country?

Freedom of speech. People from all religions and identities can speak up for their believes and live by their standards. That makes me extremely proud of my country.

What are you looking forward to the most, when visiting Thailand and the pageant?

The Final show. I watched the shows from previous editions and they are such spectacular shows, that I look forward to be part of such a great show!

July 11th, I will depart from the Netherlands, and on the morning of July 12th I will arrive in Bangkok. That is where the pageant will take place. On July 21st, the final show will take place and it will be live via Facebook (FB Page: Mister Global 2018 World Final)

You are an openly gay man in the male pageantry. Do you think you can make difference for other gay people who are still in the closet? Why and how?

As promised I would come back to you about what I wrote in the second question about being a role model for vulnerable young (gay) people.

So Yes!

I myself have been raised as a strict reformed christian. I had a difficult time, discovering my sexual orientation and to come out in this very strong christian environment. Unfortunately the result is that I have little to no contact any more with my family.

This had such a huge impact on my life, that I had to force myself believing in myself. I always wanted to be a model (from my 15th year), even though that was not possible.

I am now living y dream. My purpose is to inspire other young people and to show them that it is very important to chose for yourself. How difficult this may be! 

I also want to show them that if you believe in something, it can and it will come true.

Why do you think male pageants are getting more popular in The Netherlands?

In my opinion there still is too little attention for male pageants. With my participation in Mister Global 2018, I want to show how important it is to also have male pageants in the Netherlands. How essential it is that people know that there are men in the Netherlands who stand for a certain cause, and that they van be an example for many others, for example for the vulnerable (gay) youngsters.

The advocacy of Mister Global is “Save the Environment”. What is your advocacy and tell us something more about it.

Stop wasting food. In my opinion, throwing away food is a huge environmental issue. I stand for buying less food. You can always buy more food if necessary.

Please think before you buy your food, next time!

What about Roel van der Bas in 10 years ?

My ambition is to work as an international model in 10 years.


We want to wish Roel all the best of luck and also thanks for the time in your busy schedule to answer our 10 questions

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Sano Wahyudi and Marc Kok


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