Beauty of the Week, Zoey Ivory

Beauty of the Week, Zoey Ivory

week 6

Zoey Ivory

Although Zoey didn’t win or even make the cut, everybody knows Miss Zoey. She went viral after a dance during a break at the Miss Universe pageant. She was filmed by a lot of people who all posted her online. She danced on “Single Ladies”, a song form Beyonce.

Some of the reactions on her vid translated for us by Marvin Nuto:

Jhyne Lee – She has a beautiful personality. She is so amusing. She seem to be a happy person and so chill with her skillful way (or resilient way) of getting out of boredom and stress.

Jeanny Khere Laparasan Versoza, As if she’s not part of the pageant. She acts normal and doesn’t feel nervous. She is so amusing (funny).

Merlinda Porte – Hahaha. She proves that just enjoy when you join Miss Universe. Just chill, if she doesn’t win at least she enjoyed. Next time she could also join a dance competition, she has a talent, she could win.

Zeruas Jhinna – In fact she’s enjoying the moment. She’s charming. Hehehe. Love you miss Netherlands thumbs up for you. She is very sporty (sporty means just play the game fairly and just enjoy the game)

Aixene Dayucos Dayday – Hahaha, so cute… She might be thinking, “other candidates, be stressed there, I will just dance here.” (contextual translation for the quoted)

Philip Marabi Nedamo (no need for translation)

The description translated as, Waahhh, Miss Netherlands is funny, while others are busy (perhaps pre-occupied and nervous), she (Miss Netherlands) happily dances with Beyonce.

So, Zoey is for the second time our Beauty of the Week

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