Belgian Dhenia is Queen of the Benelux 2014

news 21 sep 2014
Belgian Dhenia is Queen of the Benelux 2014

Lovely Milou Verhoeks started the Queen of the Netherlands 6 years ago and the pageant was renamed Queen of the Benelux one year later. In the 4 years of the Queen of the Benelux there were just dutch winners of the Queen of the Benelux title. What would happen this year as from all three counties there were contestants who were eligible to win the prestigious Queen of the Benelux title.
In the warm atmosphere of the St Jans Church in Roosendaal we saw a vibrant show with over 20 contestants from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.
We saw some familiar faces among the contestants like: Miss Grand Netherlands 2013, Talisa Wolters and Miss Overijssel 2012/2013, Charina Bartels.

After the first two rounds three subtitles were announced:

  • Queen of Sports: Jena van Tooren (Netherlands)
  • Queen Photogenic: Manon Dijkstra (Netherlands)
  • Queen Popularity: Camille de Bellefroid (Belgium)

After a break we saw the girls once more in choreography by Aneudi Cabral. After this there was one more subtitle and the announcement of the top 11.

  • Queen Charity: Noor Kempers (Netherlands)


  • Priscilla Eelman (NL)
  • Irene Hofstede (NL)
  • Safora Brunswijk (NL)
  • Naomie Gentile (Lux)
  • Patricia Brandao (Lux)
  • Camille de Bellefroid (Bel)
  • Anetta Bootsma (NL)
  • Charina Bartels (NL)
  • Dhenia Covens (Bel)
  • Mariam Tsagikian (NL)
  • Talisa Wolters (NL)

At first there would be a top 10 but two girls had the same points and therefore there was a top 11.

After the announcement of the top 11 there was the evening gown show with only the top 11 in dresses by Miss Pearl Couture. The last part off course the finals questions, every judge asked a question in english.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a long show finally the three Queens were announced:

  • Queen of Luxemburg:  Patricia Brandao
  • Queen of Belgium: Dhenia Covens
  • Queen of the Netherlands: Charina Bartels

For the first time out of these three the Queen of the Benelux was chosen and for the first time she is from Belgium:

  1. Queen of the Benelux: Dhenia Covens (Belgium)
  2. Charina Bartels (Netherlands)
  3. Patricia Brandao (Luxemburg)

For the number 1 and 2 there was a surprise as the both of them will represent their country at the Miss Tourism International in Malaysia in december.


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