Jeanine de Vries is Supermodel Netherlands 2017

news 17 okt 2016
Jeanine de Vries is Supermodel Netherlands 2017

jeanineartAt a big event in de Collse Hoeve in the small village of Nuenen we witnessed the crowning of Supermodel Netherlands 2017. Four girls were selected by 12 Months of Beauty to compete in this competition: Cherity Bhagoe, Mylène Beintema, Jena van Tooren and Jeanine de Vries.
The judges at the finals were Supermodel Netherlands 2016, Leila Aigbedion, Miss Grand Netherlands 2015, Shauny Bult, photographer, Stanley van der Hoeven, fashion designer, Bjorn Kersten and from 12 Months of Beauty, Robin Hoven Lieuw Choy.
The 4 girls showed 3 different collections from Bjorn Kersten, to an audience of 300 people.
After the 3 rounds Robin called Jeanine de Vries out as Supermodel Netherlands 2017 and she was crowned by Leila Aigbedion.

Photography: Johnny ten Have
Styling: Nadine Stephan and Dennis for Jofel

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