MHN 50, Miss Holland Now 50

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MHN 50, Miss Holland Now 50

Miss Holland Now was started in 2006 by Robin Lieuw Choy and Stefan Hoven, now married and known as Robin and Stefan Hoven – Lieuw Choy.

In 2006 Stefan did the Self Expression and Leadership Programme from Landmark Education and his project was the 12 Months of Beauty Calendar with former and present dutch beauty queens. Several of these queens suggested that Robin and Stefan should start a website on Dutch beauty queens. They did so, and in the beginning Miss Holland Now was the only dutch website with information for and about beauty queens and beauty pageants in the Netherlands.

Nowadays the function of our website is taken over by social media and we do in depth interviews and reports on pageants in the Netherlands and abroad where dutch men and women represent our country.

In the course of years we had many successful beautiful girls who participated in pageants in the Netherlands and abroad.

We, from Miss Holland Now, want to honor and celebrate dutch beauty throughout the years, so we came up with this new project: MHN50.

The nominees for this list are pageant girls, who not only won pageants, but also girls who participated and took pageant life in the Netherlands to a higher level. We also included beauty queens who became successful because of their sash; this can be in any line of work. 

Miss Holland Now started with a list with 150 names of the girls from this century, who we think should be on the list.

But … you can also nominate girls/women who participated in pageants, to be on the list of 150.
We will reveal some of queens who are for sure in the Top 150 in the months to come.

How to nominate:

  • Go to our social media sites at Facebook or Instagram and look for the logo of MHN 50
  • You can post a picture as a comment with the name or a just a name together with the pageant she participated in and why she should be on the list.
  • Put a hashtag #mhn50 #misshollandnow in the post.

Nomination ends on october, 31st, 2018.

The Miss Holland Now Team, together with a jury, will decide if the miss is suitable to be on the list.

The list with 150 names will be published on november,1st 2018.
Voting for the MHN50 will then start.

MHN50 is all about career, inner beauty, ambition and looks.

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