Miss Avantgarde, group complete

news 31 okt 2015
Miss Avantgarde, group complete

On friday october 30th we were present at the second meet and greet  of the Miss Avantgarde pageant. At the first one, august 28th, we met with the first group of contestants and on the second one we met with the second group of contestants. All finalists are now known and represent a city in the Netherlands. All of the contestants have to come up with an ECO plan for their city. The girl who wins Miss Avantgarde 2015, will not only represent the Netherlands at an international pageant but she will also be helped to make here ECO plan come true.
There was not only the introduction of the finalists but also the introduction of the group fashion designers who will design the dresses for the girls. They are also in a competition for the best ECO costume designed for the pageant.
The finals of Miss Avantgarde will take place on november 20th at the Fashion centre in Amsterdam

the finalists are:

  • Gaby Ozuna Castillo, Miss Avantgarde Amsterdam
  • Diellza Verbovci, Miss Avantgarde Amersfoort
  • Selma Rietmeijer, Miss Avantgarde Rotterdam
  • Vanessa Dekema, Miss Avantgarde Groningen
  • Melissa Vos, Miss Avantgarde Arnhem
  • Carmen Suiker, Miss Avantgarde Eindhoven
  • Marlouk Bouman, Miss Avantgarde Utrecht
  • Judith De Wilde de Ligny, Miss Avantgarde Leiden
  • Jelicia Westhoff, Miss Avantgarde Haarlem
  • Stephanie Cowan, Miss Avantgarde Volendam
  • Gioverllys Rashell Rodríguez, Miss Avantgarde Den Haag
  • Fiona Maqi, Miss Avantgarde Maastricht

On www.missavantgarde.nl you can buy tickets and also vote for your favorite beauty queen…..

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