Miss Beauty of Drenthe 2019

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Miss Beauty of Drenthe 2019

The last time a beauty queen from the province of Drenthe won an important pageant in The Netherlands was in 2011, when Jill de Robles won Miss Nederland and represented The Netherlands at the Miss World pageant in Londen.
Last year was not a real succes for this province so hopes are set on this years group of teens and queens. This year also Miss Emmen and Miss Klazienaveen are two of the finalists.

Team Drenthe for 2018: Sanne, Welmoed and Eline

The Teens:

  • Alysha Bouwhuis
  • Chantal Posthuma
  • Danique Gerrits
  • Demi Wolters
  • Denise Bos
  • Floor Kremer
  • Joyce Hoogeveen
  • Kahlan Veen
  • Lotte Karstel
  • Melissa Haneveld
  • Noa Klunder
  • Robin Nijholt
  • Shannah Ossel
  • Shanyqua Strijker
  • Sharon Wemmenhove
  • Thanée Hartlief
The Drenthe Teens

The Beauties:

  • Annemarie Hoogeveen
  • Anjali den Boer
  • Eva Oosting
  • Famke Hagel
  • Fabienne Bos
  • Floor Schrik
  • Jasmijn Luimes
  • Marlou Kolenbrander
  • Mirron Schimmel
  • Nayomi Latulola
  • Nikki Dollé
  • Nikki Savenije
  • Odette Wesseling
  • Shanna Evers
  • Ylona Brouwer
  • Milou Machiels
  • Roos de Meijer
Drenthe Beauties
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