Miss Beauty of Friesland 2019

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Miss Beauty of Friesland 2019

The province of Margaretha de Jong, the current Miss Beauty of The Netherlands had the casting to select the 2019 finalists last weekend.
And so the last part of the reign of Miss Beauty of Friesland and Miss Beauty of The Netherlands, Margaretha de Jong, Miss Teen of Friesland, Manon Veenstra and Miss Intercontinental Friesland, Caroline Wouters began.
Friesland is quit a successful province at the pageant of Milou Verhoeks. Already in 2012, Desi Dorensbos won the Queen of The Netherlands pageant. So Margaretha is already the second girl to be crowned from the northern province.
This year there are some familiar faces at the finalists like Anne Koet, Christine, Eveline, Femke, Jennifer, Romy and Tiffany.

From left to right: Margaretha, Manon and Caroline

the Teens:

  • Anaisha Roijers
  • Celina Dijkstra
  • Irda Margriet Hofstra
  • Jodie Roberts
  • Julia Pultrum
  • Larissa Ymkje Visser
  • Lientje van der Meer Lisanne
  • Alink Marije Ton
  • Maureen Noordhuis
  • Noa Zijlstra
  • Nynke de Haan
  • Rianne van der weg
  • Ryanna Wytske Hofstra
  • Sanne Esmee Walstra
  • Suzette van der Pol
  • Tineke Bleeker
  • Dyan Rijpkema
photo by: MJPhotography

The Beauties:

  • Aafke Stroosma
  • Anne Koet
  • Celine Scheer
  • Christine Stegenga
  • Eveline De Bij
  • Famke van Wieren
  • Femke Koster
  • Iris de Boer
  • Jennifer Dijkstra
  • Marissa Visser
  • Miranda Dijkstra
  • Romy de Vries
  • Romy Hoeks
  • Tiffany Kuperus
  • Welmoed Noordmans
  • Yasmin Wahba
photo by: MJPhotography
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