Miss Indian Beauty and Miss Indian Beauty Queen 2019

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Miss Indian Beauty  and Miss Indian Beauty Queen 2019

After a long show in the Schouwburg of Rijswijk we witnessed the crowning of the new Miss Indian Beauty and the MIss Indian Beauty Queen 2019.
Besides the celebration of two new queens it was also another celebration, as it was the 5th time the pageant took place. Miss Holland Now has been a judge at this pageant for 4 times, including this year.

Why this pageant is so special is because of the Miss Indian Beauty Queen segment, this year for the 3rd year. This part has been specially developed for the beautiful women over 27 from Indian descend in The Netherlands. For many of these women it is the first time they step out of their comfort-zone and to break the chains with sometimes a horrible past.
We from Miss Holland Now were very impressed by the 54 year old Sardra Dihal.
On the question asked by Miss Supranational Netherlands 2019, Nathalie Mogbelzada, “Do you think your age is your disadvantage to win the crown?”, she just replayed: “I don’t think so.”. She got a big applause by the judges and the audience.
Unfortunately she did not make the top 3.
It was Manisha Grewal, who blew away the judges with her performances on stage. Together with the points of the preliminary competitions given by various coaches during the whole traject she eventually won the crown. In 2014 she was already 1st runner-up and Miss Photogenic at the Miss India Holland pageant.
She won also two other awards including the Miss Photogenic award.
The judges were also impressed by Shekita Jagan, who became 1st runner-up. Shekita told the judges that her biggest improvement on a personal level was that she never dared to speak in public but here she proved that that is no issue anymore. She also won tow other awards.

One of the best parts of the show was the dance performed by the women of the Miss Indian Beauty Queen together with the girls of the Miss Indian Beauty.
A compliment for the organization to mix all these girls and women as one group. We saw all shinning on stage and proved that dancing has nothing to do with age or boundary’s.

The competition for Miss Indian Beauty showed that being confident can give you the crown. Just 17 years old Ramita Raghoebarsing was crowned as the overall winner.
She showed a lot of a positive attitude on stage with that young sparkle that made her unique in this great group of contenders.
She was during the whole evening very consistent and never lacked energy on stage. Besides winning the crown she was also awarded with the Miss Photogenic award.
A very strong first runner-up was Shweta Jaunky, who impressed the judges with her looks and very strong answers during the interviews.
Miss Holland Now was also very impressed by the beauty of Rajshri Hanoewant, who with her 18 years old was one of the youngest finalists of the group. We sure hope to see more of her as she was one of the most beautiful girls on stage.

Seema and Amjad, the two hearts of this great competition, congratulations on your 5th year! You did a great job once again, keep on growing!

photo’s by: Robin@misshollandnow

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