Miss Nederland 2002

Elise Boulonge

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Elise won the Miss Nederland 2002 crown. A small incident happened after she won the preliminary, the Miss Zuid-Holland 2002 pageant.
At the Miss World pageant the real tragic happened. Both story’s can be read here.
The beautiful Chelina Manahuto became a populair model for Elite management. Her mother is the lovely Jacqueline Boertien, who was 3rd runner-up at the Miss Holland 1980 pageant and represented the Netherlands at the Miss International 1980 pageant in Japan.

1: Miss Zuid Holland, Elise Boulogne (Miss Universe Netherlands 2002, SF Miss World 2002, Miss Europe 2003)

2: Miss Flevoland, Saskia van der Molen
3: Miss Friesland, Nadine de Vries


  • Miss Overijssel, Antoinet Hesselink
  • Miss Noord Holland, Chelina Manahutu
  • Miss Drenthe, Inge van ’t Hooge
  • Miss Zeeland, Joan Krüse
  • Miss Groningen, Jolein Rutgers
  • Miss Gelderland, Melissa van den Berg
  • Miss Brabant, Nianga Niang (2nd Ru Miss Universe Netherlands 2003)
  • Miss Utrecht, Renske Huizenga
  • Miss Limburg, Evelien Henselmans

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from left to right: Elise, Saskia, Nadine, Jolein, Inge and Antoinet

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from left to right: Melissa, Chelina, Renske, Joan, Nianga and Evelien

Elise at Miss World and Miss Europe

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