Pic of the Week

Pic of the Week

may 27th – june 2nd

To celebrate the warm weather in the Netherlands we have for you this lovely Pic of the Week. On the picture we see some of the finalists of the Miss Panorama 1982 pageant waiving at us. The photo taken during the famous Panorama Calendar shoot from that year. The shoot was in Sri Lanka.

Many girls who already had taken part in the Miss Holland pageant or would take part later, participated in the Miss Panorama 1982 pageant.
The winner of the Miss Panorama 1982 pageant was Rosalie van Breemen, who was at that time only 17. (on the picture on the right).

In this picture we see from left right:

  • Elly Koot, Miss Holland 1964 and Miss Europe 1964. (did not participate but was a coach during the shoot)
  • Nancy Lalleman Heynis, Miss Holland 1983
  • Donna Melief, participated in Miss Holland 1981 and 1982
  • Carina Serrarens, 4th runner-up Miss Holland 1983
  • Nicola Bennink, 3rd runner-up Miss Holland 1983
  • Rosalie van Breemen, 1st runner-up Miss Holland 1984 and Miss University 1986
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