Queen of the Benelux 2014

news 18 apr 2014
Queen of the Benelux 2014

A real tradition in the world of beauty pageants in the Netherlands is the Queen of the Benelux.
A beauty pageant with girls from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg and 4 titles to win: Queen of Belgium, Queen of the Netherlands, Queen of Luxemburg and the overall winner, Queen of the Benelux.
So far the overall winners have only been from he Netherlands.
The current Queen of the benelux is Jeannine Ottenhof, who went to the Miss Earth pageant last year representing Aruba.

Many girls from the Netherlands enter this pageant and therefore the organization divided the Netherlands in 4 regions: Queen of the North, South, West and East.
For all 4 regions the castings are over and they have selected their finalists for the regional finals.

To get to know the finalists of all these regions, go to: www.queenofthebenelux.com.

On the picture: the finalists for Queen of te South together with Amanda v/d Meule, the organizer of Queen of the South.


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