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Zoey in Dance, dance, dance

Miss Nederland 2016, Zoey Ivory will participate in the RTL4 program, Dance, Dance, Dance. Zoey use to be a fanatic dancer but because she didn’t feel happy dancing anymore she stopped taking lessons. She told Miss

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Miss Nederland 2016 is Zoey Ivory!!!

Absolutely a great show organized by Kim Kötter and Monica van Ee-Hummen. Thats just the start of this article. Everybody in the audience felt the energy from the start till the end. And even if you

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Top 12, Miss Nederland 2016

The 15 are now 12. On Ibiza at the Marble Stella Maris Hotel the group of 15 semi-finalists for Miss Nederland 2016 was reduced to just 12 finalists. These 12 will be competing on september 26

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